Outdoor/Weatherproof Wifi Mesh System

Any plans on a wifi mesh system that can be placed outdoors? We have 3 acres but can’t get wifi outside any further than about 50ft from the router inside. There are"outdoor" mesh systems like TP-Link. But if Wyze made it, it’d be all the better!

Take a look at the Linksys RE9000 WiFi Extender. Its impressive. Its got a range of 10,000 square feet.
So, Juan would ask, what difference does that make, if my Pro router is 2,000 feet of covers.

Glad Hugh asked. Will checking the square root of 1500 sq feet is about 39, and 2,000 sq feet is 45 feet of distance (generally) in any direction from the center. And the square root of the 10,000 sq foot extender is 100 feet. It may be worth trying the extender. I am not saying go by a dozen, but check, maybe one. They are on Amazon for $119 and renewed for $99. Bonus is, if they don’t help, send it back.

Thanks for the tip. I checked it out but it doesn’t indicate that it is weatherproof for outdoor placement, which is what I need to extend our wifi range on the farm.

outdoor mesh router

I need to reach the end of a boat dock, and mesh connectivity peters out about halfway down the pier. I would like a router at the beginning of the dock (I have good connectivity there, as proven by a functioning camera).
I am considering a weatherproof plastic box with a mesh router inside, but the operating temperature is max 99 degrees f. This is Florida, and a router in a box outdoors will get hotter than that. Maybe if I put active cooling (a PC fan in the bottom of the box, blowing up to cool the router, then exhausting through the bottom) it would be OK? I know the router gets quite hot indoors relying on convection cooling, so MAYBE fan blown air would make it tolerate the warmer outdoor temps?