Wi-Fi outdoor satellite extender for V3 cameras

I am considering purchasing an Orbi outdoor Wi-Fi satellite extender. There’s one on Amazon for about $200.
The reason I am thinking about adding this to my Orbi Wi-Fi satellite mesh system is to reach further into the backyard with one of my V3 cameras that’s occasionally dropping off line, Has anyone had experience with Wi-Fi extenders like the one I’m talking about or similar to the one I’m talking about ? If so, I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks

Hmm, to reach one or two V3? Don’t need much speed right? Just need some distance. Don’t routers broadcast in a circle or sphere? So that Orbi Extender (RBK50?) is 2,500 sq feet, which the square root is 50, so it is a radius of 50 feet. If I get that right.
Well, here’s what I did. I needed to reach my truck because I put a pair of V3’s inside. Both are running from a motorcycle battery and change with two flexible solar panels. Back to the WiFi. The distance is 90 feet from the corner of my garage. Friend recommended and he was right. Linksys Extender RE9000. RE9000 is a 10,000 sq feet range, so that’s square root is 100 so the radius is the same at 100 feet. The RE9000 is $119 new or $99 renewed on Amazon. So, that’s twice the distance for half the price. Hmmm. Worth trying?
And naturally, if it doesn’t help, it can be returned. The RE9000 worked for me. I first used it with the same SSID as my regular ASUS 2.4, but just for fun changed one character to a different SSID for it. Works both ways.

Thanks for your thoughts on the extender. Was hoping to stay with ORBI gear with my existing ORBI Mesh system, but you make a strong case for going with Linksys.
But would it work with my Netgear Orbi system > I like the extra distance with the Linksys and it’s much cheaper than the Orbi Outdoor Tri-Band Mesh Satellite WiFi Extender (RBS50Y) at $199 on Amazon. Your thoughts ?

@tlhutch4 , Hi. you are welcome. Yes, I think, it would work with your Orbi. I have it connected to my ASUS ET8. Pretty easy interface too. I turned off 5 GHz broadcast, because its only going to two Wyze V3’s. Reaches their area (90feet) just fine.

Of course you know, you can send it back, if you buy it on Amazon. So, what better way to test to be sure, than trying it via them, eh?