WiFi extender worth trying

Any one have experience with WiFi extender for cameras with weak signal. Wondering if they improve signal strength with cameras. Have Wyze battery cam pro shows have 2 bars but seems still has issue with live stream and sometime error out but other times no issues

Yeah. I do. This is what I use. Linksys RE9000 Extender. Why do I like this one? First it was a recommendation from a friend, I didn’t find it on my own. But why does it work? Look, its go a coverage of 10,000 sq feet. Yes, that’s a radius of 10,000 sq feet, so the Sq root is 100. That gives us a range from the extender of about 100 feet in all directions. I put a Wyze cam with its own motorcycle battery in my old Tacoma truck, 90 feet from my garage. Can’t get it parked any closer. The extender is hardwired from my mesh router to the corner of my garage closest to the truck. That extender gives me 3 steady bars to the camera or my cell phone when out there. I can recommend this extender, because of its reliable range. You can also catch it on sale or get the refurbished on from Amazon.

I tried several extenders from reputable companies with little improvement in signal.

What I found that works for me is a mesh. My Tenda AC 23 has one of its Ethernet ports connected to a MW6 node right by it. There is another node in the basement and a third on the opposite end of the house from the main router. Every WYZE camera has been paired to the mesh. Signal strength on all cameras is at least 2 bars other than the WOC on my mailbox about 200 feet away.

I bought an AT&T Airties extender when I got my last AT&T router upgrade. It works very well for my distant V2 and V3 cams. I have tried other extenders but did not have much luck.

I keep my cams on a Wifi 5 wifi. I haven’t moved them to over to my Wifi 6 router. I like the separation.

No they don’t. Regular extenders only extend the range not the signal quality. It’s just simple physics. If your signal is weak extender will just make it even weaker. Extenders will drop the signal speed in half. Mesh extenders on the other hand take the existing signal and rebroadcast it without sacrificing quality. They’e pricier for a reason. Keep in mind though, they will not make your network faster,

The one that Sam_Bam is mentioning is a Mesh Extender.

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