Increase wifi strength on Outdoor Cam

Currently show only 1 or 2 bar strength on 3 Outdoor Cams. Will wifi extenders help? If so, any recommendations on what to purchase?

A wifi extender would allow you to extend the range of your WOC Base to bring it closer to your Cameras themselves. The camera connects to the Base which connects to your Wifi.

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I agree with @tomp . Is there any way you could get your base closer to your camera?

Thanks for the prompt replies. Base is upstairs next to router and I don’t know how it could be moved. Would mesh nodes placed downstairs near windows increase signal strength with the Outdoor cameras?

The camera only connects to the base. If you have a mesh node closer, you could connect the base via ethernet (if there’s a port on the node) or WiFi (ethernet required for setup) to the mesh node so the cameras could connect easier. More information on connection and setup can be found here:
You can also use a simple wireless range extender as @tomp suggested. This would bridge the connection between the base’s hard wire and your wireless network.
This one is inexpensive, but it works well:

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You can run the base station with wireless instead of wired. Then it doesn’t need to be right next to your router. Have you tried this?


Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.