V3 low connectivity

New to this family. My v3 will only connect if I have garage door open but when closed just seems like not enough signal from router downstairs. How is everyone getting wifi signals around to each camera. Can’t have a router on every floor ect ? Seems like I got 1bar:(

You can’t have a router at every floor, etc…

But you can do a WiFi Mesh system and have Mesh Access Points on every floor, etc…

I run 3 Mesh WAP’s on my 4+ acres and have 3 bars to all 16 outdoor V3 cameras.


I also currently have a Mesh router system with at least 3 routers.

In the past I have used WiFi extenders and I think I even had one router use “Bridge” mode to act as an extender. These are alternative options to Mesh routers. Mesh is the best, but using an extender or another router as a “Bridge” can also work to extend your WiFi out farther.

Ok I’m not sure how to set up or what a mesh system is. I’ll have to ask my internet provider if it’s something they have to do or if it’s something I can add to my internet providers Modem