Will the Wyze Mesh Router extend my wifi distance to my rooftop?

I live on the top floor of my apartment where theres access to a rooftop, however, when I’m on the rooftop, I can only manage to get one bar of my wifi connection in a certain area up there where its closest to my unit.

My question is,

Is the Wyze Mesh Router the right product to improve my wifi distance significantly?

The only problem that I could think of is that I’d have to place the mesh router right next to my current router/modem, which is closest to the rooftop but it probably wouldn’t cover the entire rooftop area, so I would need to place the mesh router somewhere between my unit and rooftop, which I don’t think is possible, right?

The benefit of a mesh system is that you have multiple routers. You would place one of them by your modem to connect to the internet, and place others around the house to extend range. You could put one of them as close to the roof as you can for the best range, while the other is lower in the house.


Anything is possible. :slight_smile:

However, the only concern I would have is what the rooftop is made out of. Concrete, wood, or what. The materials and number of walls will interfere with the distance.

But I hooked the base model up at my sons house. I put one in first, which was in the basement, all of his cameras around the house mounted outside under the eaves so basically 2 floors up, connected to the one router without issues. I then hooked the second up one floor up and they adjusted and connected to the closest and least used router / Node.

Very Impressed.


The mesh router covers 1500 ft whereas the recently announced to be released tomorrow router Pro covers 2000 square foot per node in(Pro also handles more devices and has a 6 GHz frequency)

Not a huge difference but depending on the congestion on same channels from other routers in the area, materials in the building, and a multitude of other factors that little bit of boost could be a determinate Factor for the signal reaching where you need.

I can tell you that both routers are very very capable and do very very well as I have heard from people with experience with them within the company


Sorry guys, although the mesh router seems like a great product, it isn’t what I’m looking for. Just did a little more research and I think what I actually need is a wifi repeater/extender.

In some cases an extender can do the trick, but in congested neighborhoods or larger houses it can often create new issues as routers won’t handoff your devices very well and it can cause additional interference. But if you only need a small boost in the signal it may do the trick.

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And when you are looking for the repeater/extended pay close attention to the specs. You want one that uses your existing SSID/password, and would prefer, but probably will not use the same subnet your existing toys are using IF you need access to any of your devices already on your main network.

Most extenders are simply going to grab your WiFi and broadcast another WiFi, but different out to where you want it. If all you want is WiFi and no need to use reconnect to your existing other toys on your main, then almost any extender will work. Can’t say what kind of signal strength.

But depending on where you buy it and their return policy, if it doesn’t serve your purposes, you can return it, for another.


I have a friend that lives in a high rise. 30ish stories. He’s on 9, I think. He complained forever that he could not get WiFi to the garage on 2 to his car. I kept saying good, if he could get from 9 to 2, he was using a WiFi router from another planet. So his existing was doing what it should - not reach that far. Well, need I say, he was not happy with my answer.

So he revised his complaint to how can he get from 9 to 2 with WiFi. I asked how important was this, to how much he was willing to spend. He was so frustrated he absentmindedly added “anything”.
I suggested he buy a 3 node mesh system that could be expended to 5-6 nodes. Why, says he. Buy three, and configure them,. Then take a nice bottle of wine and one of his nodes to a neighbor/friend on 7 and 4 and ask them if he could place and power one node in their home to broadcast his WiFi up and down. He did. He had to add one more, but it worked. We tend to forget the WiFi signal is not flat, or like a plate. It’s a sphere, a ball. Of course interior walls are usually less dense than floors and ceilings, so might need a boost. Just don’t think two dimensionally.

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Be aware, we are not hearing a lot of promotion or bragging from router manufacturers that “hey we have this new model repeater/extender” and you should try it. Repeater/extenders are old tech. They’ve been putting their R&D into selling us new hardware for past few years. They would rather, of course sell two/three new nodes (and charge us for them) than 1 new extender.

Mesh has replaced router with extender connected to it. And MESH is exceptionally better tech, more power, better (new/tighter) security, more signal strength.

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