Adding additional router to mesh using Ethernet

I am trying to install the second router in my mesh set-up on the other side of the house. (Too far to connect via Wi-Fi)
I have fiber running to their modem (AT&T), from there directly to my first Wyze mesh router, from the mesh router (using the other Ethernet port) it goes to a switch running to all the rooms. I have taken the second mesh router and pluged it into the port in a room connected to that switch and it won’t connect. It says it’s too far from the router(it shouldn’t care how far it is, right?).

Any thoughts? Does it need to be plugged into a certain port on the back of the mesh router? Sometimes it gets an error (too far). Sometimes it just sits at “pairing” forever.

Appreciate your guidance

Welcome @dmfweb

I had a similar issue. In order to setup the second Mesh Router, you will need to first go near the primary router and connect it via WiFi. Being in the same room as the router will work fine. After it is connected and things look good, you can then put it in your other room and connect it via Ethernet.

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Thanks for the tip! I will go try that. Is there a way to verify it’s actually using Ethernet when you move it back ?

Yes, it will take a bit to connect and switch to wired. Then go into the App, select the Router and then tap on your node. you will see Backhaul listed It will say Wired like this image:


You are the man! Thank you. I lost hours on this.
Not a great user experience. But I still love Wyze