Mesh router with Ethernet devices

How can I connect the mesh router when I also have 3 plug in Ethernet devices?
My current router has 4 plug-ins so it’s no problem.
Do I have to have a Ethernet switch?

Yes. You will need a hub or switch to connect more than one LAN device.

Alternatively. It may be possible to utilize your existing router in this capacity by using it as the one LAN device plugged into the Wyze Mesh Router and disabling it’s WiFi network.


Thank you. Do I wire from my modem to the wyze router and then the switch or switch then wyze?

Modem > Wyze Router > Switch.
Most switches are “unmanaged” (dumb). The Router/Wyze Router receives a single IP address from the Modem, and then assigns and manages internal only used IP addresses to your IP devices. The switch simply allows the signal to pass through and split to different plugged in wired devices.

You can usually find a 4/5 port gigbyte capable unmanaged switch on Amazon for $15. And often an 8 port for $20. If you are buying, future proof your purchase by buying an 8 port, for just in case.


@Sam_Bam is :+1:.

You absolutely want the switch\hub behind the security firewall of the router. Anything connected between the modem and router would potentially be unprotected depending on the security on the modem.


Thank you

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Thank you very much

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I have a similar situation and hope to get some advice.
I received a Wyze Mesh Router 3 pack for Christmas. I intended to set it up as described in the thread above.

My internet comes in from an AT&T fiber modem that connects to my Dlink gigabit WIFI router.
My DLink router is the only device connected to the fiber modem and it manages my wired and wifi connections.
(The AT&T router and wifi are disabled on the fiber modem, it issues a static IP to my Dlink router)

My plan was to disable wifi on my Dlink router and connect the Wyze mesh root router to the Dlink router and then put the other 2 satellite mesh routers in other places using ethernet backhaul.
All devices in my network would get IPs from my dlink router.
The root router set up fine. I went to setup mesh satellite locations 2 and 3 but they could not establish connection after pairing.

There was not much documentation at Wyze on how to do this but it sounded like I needed to setup all 3 of the mesh routers in close proximity to start because setup is dependent on Bluetooth and wifi.
I did this and got all 3 mesh routers working in one room. I then relocated the 2 satellites to their locations, connected ethernet cables to backhaul port and restarted. After multiple restarts and waiting they would appear online in the Wyze app but I got no wifi signal near them. The ethernet backhaul did not appear to be feeding the satellites. I removed the mesh routers and restored my original configuration.

If anyone has set them up as I propose or hopefully knows the correct configuration and setup process for this scenario I would love to hear it.
I have about 15 Wyze cams and another 8 Wyze smart home devices, I love the products and expected this to be easier.

BTW, the reason I want to retain my Dlink router is because I also have a network of 10 Dlink PoE outdoor cameras that must use the dlink router to function properly.

Thank you for any tips tricks or advice

I don’t use any ethernet backhaul (no such thing in 1953 when my house was built). My mesh system is all WiFi and it is connected direct to my Fiber Box which has multiple LAN ports (4). If you have enough LAN ports, Is it possible to hang the root mesh off of the AT&T along with the 2 LAN lines going to the satellites and still have a port open for the DLink? It may be the DLink is restricting backhaul thruput for some reason or there is a setting in the Mesh. :man_shrugging:

Will call in some experts who do use Ethernet backhaul.


I actually setup the Ethernet Backhaul without issue. I think the issue could be your DLink serving up the IP’s. Can you remove the DLink and only use the Wyze Mesh Router?

I have mine setup via the FiOS ONT connected to the Wyze Mesh Router and then connected the second port to an Ethernet Switch including the Ethernet Backhaul from the Satellite Nodes.

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Thank you for the replies! I really want to make this work somehow.
I wired most rooms in my 3 level house for Cat6 but so many things are wifi only now. Phones, cams, doorbells, etc.

But my house has way too much space and walls for one Wireless AP. I thought a Mesh router on each floor would do the trick.
From your replies it sounds like the answer is to ditch my DLINK router but I would like to avoid this because it drives my Dlink 10 camera PoE outdoor camera network.
Dlink had some proprietary things where you can’t see the cams from the app if not connected through the dlink cloud router. Dlink has to be the DHCP issuing router for them to work.
In the scenarios I tried all the Dlink is doing is issuing the IPs and the wireless is disabled. Its just a router.
Thanks spamoni4, can you tell me what FiOS ONT is? In my many attempts to make this work I did something similar to what you suggest.

I connected the root mesh router to the dlink router (with dlink wifi disabled) and connected the second mesh router ethernet (backhaul) port to the 8 port gigabit switch that serves all the cat6 in the house.
The satellites still did not work when positioned elsewhere in the house so far away from the root mesh router.
Maybe I just don’t understand how the two ethernet ports work on the back of the satellites. Frankly I don’t understand how any of this works. Watching the setup video it looked like it would be a quick slam dunk.

But since you have it working - it seems like the next think to try is removing the dlink completely and connecting the root router to the Fiber modem. Then connect the second root port to a switch to feed to rest of the house including the satellite mesh routers. I may lose access to my dlink camera network but maybe the mesh will function as designed.

All this considered. My mom bought me the 3 router kit on Dec 5 and she didn’t give it to me for Christmas until Jan 1. So I basically had just today to figure it out considering the 30 day return window.
Unfortunately I had to make decision to return. I would repurchase if I felt like I could get it going. Just not feeling confident right now. I spent 5 hours trying different things today.

FiOS ONT is what Verizon uses to convert the Fiber input into Ethernet for routers. Consider it a Modem.

So your DLink is used to power your cameras and tie it to an NVR?

Just checking as you could possibly switch them around, add the Wyze Mesh as your primary and allow it to provide the DHCP addresses, then attach the DLink to it as an Access Point or a simple PoE Switch

I think the issue you are running into is the same I did when I was playing with them before I switched mine out. I left my main router in place so I could get familiar with the Wyze Routers. What happened was Wyze came up with its own IP Scheme which caused issues. Your Wired Backhaul is getting an IP from the Dlink router and the Wyze Router may have a different IP Scheme therefore they will not work as they cannot see the Wyze Router.

If you need to have the DLink in place, you could then only use it for your cameras, and add the Wyze Router to a port on it. Then make sure you take the Ethernet runs are connected to a separate switch which connects to the Wyze Router. Therefore, the Nodes / Satellites will connect directly to the Wyze Root Router and you should be ok. But the IP Scheme would be different for the Wyze Network then. You will also need to turn off WiFi on the DLink.

You could experiment with Bridge Mode as they cannot act as an Access Point.

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Thank you!

All great ideas and I even thought of some of them myself. But so much trial and error work and for what? I am not sure I am even going to get performance improvement.

I know I have a weird situation/configuration and maybe the time just isn’t right for me to make this leap.

Dlink is phasing out their cloud router camera system soon anyway – so maybe best to just wait until they retire my cams/router and then replace my 10 dlinks with wyze cams and should be good to go.

So your DLink is used to power your cameras and tie it to an NVR? I cant access my 10 dlink cams on the phone app unless they are connected via the Dlink Router

How/Why can wyze mesh router have their own IP scheme when they are all being issued by the dlink router?

If I had had a 60 day return window I would definitely have kept trying to make this work but I didn’t get the gift until Yesterday and I had to return within 30 day, and it was purchased Dec 5.

I have to fold on this one. I hope I can figure it out and get it going later. Maybe repurchase because I def want to support Wyze.

Thanks for your advice and help. So appreciated!

I didn’t see any consideration given to saying this was checked or not the case, so let me just remind you. Even with those wired connections, you need to be running different subnets between those two brands of routers. I guess you want the DLink to remain the same its been. So, just chance the Wyze to something else. And even though the DLinks WiFi is turned off (both 2.4 and 5 GHz?) make sure the SSIDs are named different between the two brands.

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