Mesh router as AP's (bridge) in existing network question

Is the attached drawing I made of a network topology supported for the mesh router? I want to use wired backhaul and mesh routers as replacements in an existing network that currently has TPLink deco mesh units. The TPLink mesh access points require IEEE 1905.1 support in the switch to handle the backhaul. Is this the case with the wyze mesh-routers when set to “bridge”? If this can be done, what is the best way to configure the mesh-routers?

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I don’t use my Mesh Routers in Bridge Mode, so cannot directly answer that question.

However, why not replace your Gateway/router with the Wyze Mesh Router. Then the other 2 Mesh Routers will connect via a wired backhaul as well. All of your devices will continue to work if you set the same SSID and Password.

Hi. Thanks for the response. The truth is the Wyze routers are not capable enough to do what my current router set up allows. My current router is a OPNsense appliance which allows me to setup policy-based routing for OpenVPN and WIreguard configurations.

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I see, thanks for the clarity. if you connect one of your routers to the Switch and set it up as a router or Bridge, the others should be able to see it as well and connect via Wired Backhaul.

However, you would need to set the satellite devices up first before connecting to Ethernet.

Since you have a working network, you can always try and experiment.

This link may help you out

Wyze Mesh Bridge Mode - Home - Wyze Forum

@WildBill seems to have been down the Bridge Mode path already.

Ok. I think I understand now. I should set up the mesh network using one mesh-router as the “base” unit and the nodes using wireless backhaul initially. Then after successfully setting it up I should connect the Ethernet cables to the remote nodes so the mesh-routers can self configure to use wired backhaul.

I’ll try this and see how it goes.

Yes, however, when you do the nodes, do not connect them via Ethernet first. Stay with a few feet from the Root Router and add them using the WiFi and Bluetooth. Once configured, you will then be able to connect them to an Ethernet cable.

You will be prompted if you have additional nodes to setup once the root is configured.

I am using the mesh routers in bridge mode and they are working fine. However, I’m using wireless back-haul on the 5gHz radio since the areas needing mesh don’t have ethernet.

@occams_razor, make sure that your firewall rules allow ping packets from the mesh system, If you don’t you end up with constant dhcp requests from them and they never connect.

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