Setting up mesh router with ISP router as root

Hello all. I’m more than a bit daft when it comes to setting up wi-fi networks. I’m trying to understand whether I can use my ISP modem/router combo as the root router and then the Wyze Mesh Router as a non-tethered satellite (or bridge)? It seems like the setup instructions all want to start with a Wyze root router, but again I’m wanting to use the Cox Panoramic wi-fi router as the root router. I can’t figure out how to just set up the Wyze router as a satellite (or bridge)? I’ve asked the wizards over chat but they all appear to be regurgitating troubleshooting pages which don’t really apply to my situation. And if this has already been answered, please guide me in the direction of that post. Much thanks in advance.

The Wyze routers have a bridge mode. I’m using mine that way. I have the “main” Wyze router connected to my wired primary router which handles DHCP and other functions. What information do you need?

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Hi WildBill. What I’m trying to figure out is how to set up a Wyze Mesh Router as a bridge where the “main” router is my Cox Panoramic wi-fi combo modem/router (and not another Wyze router). I was told it can be done, but I have yet to see the actual instructions how.

One of the Wyze routers is the main mesh node connected to your Cox system. The other Wyze routers connect to the first, all using bridge mode. The purpose of bridge mode is to provide a single subnet for all your networking.

I don’t do mine that way…I have multiple subnets. I have several non-Wyze routers I use as access points and two sets of Wyze routers running in bridge mode with different subnets. One is for IOT, the other is a test environment.

All you need to do is setup your first (MAIN) Wyze mesh router and toggle the Bridge mode in the app. Then add the remaining Wyze routers and it should all work. Wyze does recommend disabling the wi-fi on your Cox router to avoid issues.

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So I definitely need a second mesh router? I only bought one mesh router with the intention of making it the satellite/bridge.

Yes, you would need a second. The primary needs an ethernet connection to the Cox system. The secondaries connect to the primary either by ethernet or wi-fi.

Thanks WildBill. The two Wizards I talked with both said I only needed one and I only bought one. I wished it was clearer on their website that you needed at least two.

That’s partially correct. You can connect one Wyze router to your Cox modem/router and turn on bridge mode, but the Wyze router needs an ethernet connection, it won’t work over wi-fi as there isn’t any way to connect it to the Cox modem/router’s wi-fi SSID.