Guest network in bridge mode?

I recently switched my Mesh Router Pro devices over to bridge mode to use them as access points within my network, and this worked. I am curious however as to what exactly this means for the “Guest Network” - in bridge mode, does the guest network simply provide a separate SSID? Since the Wyze routers are no longer doing DHCP, they obviously can’t hand out separate IP’s for devices on the guest network. Is there any way to separate out the traffic for guests while in bridge mode?

I’m guessing no, but thought I’d ask in case I am missing something. Thanks.

So after looking at and thinking about this for a while, I’m wondering if there is any chance the Mesh Router Pro tags the guest network with a VLAN tag? I can set up VLANs on my router easily enough, but unless the Mesh Router Pro actually uses VLANs, that doesn’t help.

The routers don’t support VLANs.

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So, as it turns out after some quick packet sniffing, the routers DO use a vlan for the guest networks: VLAN 20 to be exact. So I was able to set up my router to separate out traffic on VLAN 20, and everything worked as desired.

It would be REALLY nice if these routers had a decent software load so I wouldn’t have to guess at this stuff.


Ok, so most everything works as desired. It appears that the Wyze routers are running a DHCP server on the guest network even in bridge mode, so some devices are getting an IP from that (in the 192.168.110.x subnet), while others get an address from my DHCP server in the subnet I assigned for the guest network VLAN.

Would be nice to be able to disable the Wyze DHCP server so I would have full control (and be able to see what devices have obtained IP addresses on the guest network), but at the end of the day it’s not a huge deal. Either way, the traffic is now separated from that of the rest of my network, which was the primary goal.