Do Wyze Mesh Router support WDS

Question on Wyze Mesh Router : Does it support Wireless Distribution System and act as an access point? OR, could it be a wi-fi extender?

(I cant change the base router as it is a fiber connection for TV/channels and internet. Provider locks their unit and their set top box will only accept SID configured at the base, signature controlled due to content delivery)

Wyze Mesh Routers do support what is called “Bridge Mode” which should help with what you’re looking for. Read this FAQ, and then Google a bit about what Bridge Mode on a router does. I think it’s what you want.

With this function you can leave your provider’s unit working as is, and let this thing extend and relay your existing networking. Bridge mode works better than a typical extender can function.

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Thanks. Yes, i am aware of the Bridge Mode, and read on the Wyze FAQ. But, that would mean the base unit connected to the provider router by an ethernet cable first. Hence, i was looking for WDS support and then extending it. Would that be in the works for a future release?

Good question, there isn’t any documentation about it, so I don’t believe so. That would make for a great wishlist request though.

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Curious who your Fiber Provider is?

I have FiOS and the ONT remains in place but was able to change my Router.

The Wyze Mesh Routers is not setup to act as an Access Point or Extender.

This provider is in India. Name : Reliance Jio. They provide digital content (television) and internet bundled together. Each TV has a set top box wirelessly setup to the base router. These seems to be some signature appended (likely MAC address) that would prove you are the content subscriber. Hence, the need for WDS so atleast MAC address is preserved. Bridge could possibly work and i need to test it out.


Will be interested in the Bridge Mode, if you test it. My understanding is that Bridge mode acts as a different Network. But I have not tested this myself yet.