Can a Wyze route router connected to my new Verizon modem act as asatellite router?

We just purchased a Verizon internet system with two new internet-only CR-1000A routers. The first is the base router connected by a coax cable to the internet signal. The second is an extender in another area of the house in which we want to have a better signal. There is an ethernet cable that runs along the basement ceiling in our house that connects the extender to the base router. I have used this ethernet cable to connect the computer located there to the base router and it works fine. So, in theory, can I connect one Wyze mesh router using this ethernet cable, which should configure it as the route router. Then, just have this Wyze mesh router connected by the ethernet cable act as a satellite router? Would I get signals from both the Verizon internet router and the Wyze, or would the Wyze act as the only router? Thanks!

In your case, if you want to use the Verizon router(s) as your main router, then you would probably want to run the Wyze router in “Bridge Mode” so that it acts as an extension to your Verizon routers. Bridge Mode is similar to a traditional extender, but better in many ways.

I would personally prefer just turning off the Wi-Fi from the Verizon router and running a full Wyze Mesh as the primary router, but otherwise, using the Wyze router as a bridge should work for your needs.

Note that Wyze has a 30 day return policy, so you could try it out, see if it works as you’d hoped, and if not, you can return it anyway, so there really isn’t a risk for you either way.


I have Verizon FiOS and found that the routers they provide are not necessarily the best. They do work well, but I experienced issues in the past. I have removed the FiOS Router and now have the Wyze Mesh Router Pro.

If you have Verizon TV and need to maintain the Guide and Video On Deman options, you can always get a Moca device and connect the Coax to that and then let it plug into your Ethernet. I have done this while I used the Verizon STB.

I preferred having one Router in my home.


Is there a downside to using the Wyze mesh in bridge mode? In one of the videos [] a question was asked about doing this and the Wyze reply was: “Since Wyze Mesh Router would have to be set up as your root router, this wouldn’t be capable.”
Am I confusing Access Points with extenders, etc.?

In the video he’s talking about using the Wyze Mesh Router as your primary router that runs DHCP. If you try to have multiple routers trying to work as your primary router deciding DHCP, you will run into conflict issues and have to modify settings to get it to work. So he is suggesting running the Wyze router as the primary router. This is not required though. You can modify settings so it will run separately from the primary router, or you can run it in Bridge Mode so that it will act as an extension of the other brand’s router.

So it for sure can work this way if that’s what you want.
He, and I and spamoni4 are just saying we prefer to use the Wyze routers as our primary router that runs NAT/DHCP, etc.

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I use the Wyze routers In bridge mode and they work fine. I have a wired Ubiquity router as my main which provides the dhcp addresses. The Wyze routers are ONLY for IOT. I have other WiFi routers for my primary and guest subnets.


Oh yeah! I knew you did that, I should’ve tagged you in here. :slight_smile:

Had only one problem when I setup a firewall rule that blocked ping packets from the Wyze routers. Haven’t had any issues since.

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Okay, thank you all very much for your valued input. I do appreciate it!