Mesh-Router-Pro will not stay connected once ethernet disconnected

Loaded with no problem, (solid green led), as ethernet cable disconnected (Solid Oran-LED). Thus, cannot move from main router unless I run CAT cable. That defeats the purpose. If it’s a wired unit, I return it.

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Only the root router should be installed on Ethernet. Additional Sattelite WiFi Node routers should be setup on WiFi initally.

I would suggest repeating the setup again with the second node on WiFi, not Ethernet.

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I’m only installing one Mesh Router Pro. Mesh Router within 2 feet of main router,
when ethernet disconnected. Org led comes on.
Disconnected pwr to Mesh Router and re connected. (ethernet disconnected) Orange LED.
Connected ethernet after re-powering (green LED)
In the programing stage, it indicated it had connected with Blue Tooth.

A single Wyze Mesh Router Pro cannot be operated by WiFi. It must be attached by Ethernet. Only subsequent Mesh Nodes can be WiFi after connecting to the Root Wyze Mesh Router Pro.

The Wyze Mesh Router Pro will not integrate wirelessly with any other brand of router. It must connect wirelessly to another Wyze Mesh Router Pro that is connected through the Mesh Network to the Root Wyze Mesh Router Pro that is connected to the Modem\ONT via Ethernet.

If you are hanging a Wyze Mesh Router Pro off of another brand of router via Ethernet, you are essentially just creating two separate WiFi networks with two subnet IP schemes. The Wyze Mesh Router Pro can’t assume the subnet IP scheme of the other brand router.


Thank you, I now see the problem. Was not aware that I would have to purchase two units. I now see how the system works.
Will return the unit. I was thinking the mesh pro could be located in the center of a small house and would operate from the WiFi of my provider router, giving 2K sq ft coverage. Apparently WRONG.
Thanks for your help

Most Mesh Network systems are quite particular about only connecting to their own brand in the network. This is for security purposes since they all share the same WiFi security protocols.

I haven’t researched it, but I don’t know of any Mesh Network systems that will allow WiFi nodes from a different brand or will allow them to be used as nodes on a different brand of root mesh router. It is also likely that your ISP provided WiFi router isn’t a Mesh compatible WiFi.

I would reach out to your ISP provider and ask them what Mesh Nodes are compatible with their WiFi routers. You might also be able to research that yourself by searching the Make and Model Number of the WiFi router they supplied.

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Sounds like you wanted to use the mesh router pro as an EXTENDER. That is not what it’s for. It is to be used with other mesh router pros to create a “mesh” of nodes.

You can purchase extenders from many companies, but if your able to get another Wyze mesh router pro mode it will probably perform better. Generally extenders are unreliable and slow.


You don’t have to purchase 2 units if the single router is Ethernet-connected to your cable modem or equiv.

Why? You must have been trying to fix something, but it isn’t clear what. You should be able to turn your current primary router off, and let the Wyze router take over those functions. If it is within 2 feet, then an Ethernet connection should be easy.



OP was installing WMRPro thru existing WiFi Router Ethernet port then disconnecting Ethernet to use a single WMRPro as a Sattelite WiFi Node connecting thru the ISP supplied WiFi Router on that network, which is incompatible. No Root WMRPro on Ethernet.

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You are correct. These need to be the main router and the root will need an Ethernet cable plugged in.


Ah. I missed the part that they were connected just to set up the router, and planned to move it. Couldn’t figure out what they were trying to fix by connecting the Mesh unit to their original router.

Yes, they need to replace the old router with the new WMRPro. Then they can add as many wireless nodes as they want.