Can't set-up 2nd Mesh Pro router

Just got a two pack of the Mesh Pro routers today. I am able to get the root router set up just fine, but whenever I try to set up the second router, the root loses internet connection, and I get an error message that it can’t save my network settings to the second router.

I finally gave up on the second router for now, as the main router is powerful enough to cover most of my house and I can deal with the dead spot for the time being.

This is all following the prompts in the app and trying to add the second router as part of the initial set-up process. Would it make a difference to try to add it now that I’ve got the root router up and running smoothly? I don’t want to deal with having to do another factory reset on the root yet again only to have the process once again fail.

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It should be easy to add the second one since your root is installed and operational. I just added a third yesterday and it installed without any bumps whatsoever. The install takes some time to load, just be patient. Make sure your Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS are all turned on in the phone and both the new router and your phone are nearby the old one. You can unplug it and move it later after it is installed.

Open the root router from the device menu and click the plus + sign in the upper right, then click add router. Make sure to wait to click the “Next” on the popup until you get the blue blinkey light on the router. It takes a bit for it to get there after you plug it in. During the setup it may also seem like nothing is happening, just wait it out. It isn’t a fast install.

When it does install, both routers will reset and the network will reboot. Then it should be online.


You didn’t mention it, but be sure you aren’t trying to use bridge mode. The second router won’t install. I had some other problems when first setting up mine. Make sure to not use special characters in the SSID or password.


Also, make sure you are setting it up without an Ethernet cable attached and near the root router.


Yeah, I know it can take a while. The root took its sweet time, and I’m not expecting this one to be any faster.

I’ll try to do it again another night when I’ve got the time and no one is using the wifi.

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Not trying for bridge mode, and definitely not using any disallowed characters in the password. The root router set up just fine. It’s only the second one that won’t finish the install.
This is the error message I got a couple times:

On your phone, when the GPS location is on, do you see its icon in the system tray?

I only ask because I don’t see it but it may be hidden. I have had issues when I originally set up mine when the GPS was off. Evidently the BT connection requires the GPS location to match with the original Network Location to pull the credentials from the network the phone is logged into. No idea how or why, but I have repeated an install many times and can reproduce it every time.

I also don’t see you logged into the WiFi network. It looks like you are on Cellular Data. It won’t work unless you are logged into the WiFi.

Yes, my GPS is on.

I wasn’t on the wifi because I was doing this during the initial set-up of both routers, so initially, there was no wifi to connect to, and at no point during the set-up process did it say to connect to the wifi.

I will be trying to set-up the second router tonight. Hopefully, all goes well this time. Thank you to everyone for the input and ideas. Fingers crossed!

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Completely my misunderstanding. I thought that was from the addition install after the first was already operational. Didn’t realize it was from the initial group install. Sorry.

I am crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: for you on your addition to the network tonight!

Hey there! Ah, that situation definitely sounds frustrating. Not having WiFi to start with can really throw a wrench into things. But hey, SlabSlayer’s suggestions can be a game-changer, right? I totally get where you’re coming from. I mean, I had two routers just sitting around, and I was cruising along just fine with one. It was doing everything I needed it to do and more. But then I stumbled upon that post, and it was like a lightbulb moment. Dusting off that extra router was all it took to kick things up a notch. It’s totally cool to give credit where it’s due, especially when someone’s advice makes such a difference. So here’s to those helpful souls who come through with those detailed solutions when we need them most!

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Wow, I can’t thank you enough for this. Seriously, your help made a world of difference for me, and I’m incredibly grateful. It’s folks like you who take the time to lend a hand that really make a difference in this world. Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed, and I hope you know just how much it means to me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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