Mesh Router Pro - device not connecting to nearest AP

Just setup my new pair of Mesh Router Pro’s today… does anyone know the criteria by which a device will move from one mesh node to another? Noticed I was getting poor speeds on my phone and found that it was connected to the node furthest from me, and I couldn’t force it to connect to the nearest node by turning the WiFi on/off. Eventually I noticed that it was on the closer node later.

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First, answer to your question, at least from me. I don’t know the criteria by which a device will move.

But let’s move to you comment about ‘couldn’t force’. Yes, you are right. There’s no way, no command, to force a device to move to another router. I’ve not found any router/manufacturer that gives us that capability. I’ve gone through 4 different manufacturers of routers in the last two years because they have a limit how many can connect to a router. I don’t know about Wyze, but for instance, Eero 6 has a limit 75 devices per router. But once the device count reaches the 75 ceiling, no more can join, come online, without bumping another off. So once one router will have 75, no more can connect, and we don’t see it connect to the other router. I have had this on several different brands.

How does one bump off? Well some sort of algorithm cycles through the current devices and determines if there’s one that is oldest without any activity, or maybe weak connection because of its distance. Again, don’t know how it decides, but the router “let’s one go” to allow another one active to connect. I think this is one of the issues that we have with Wyze cameras dropping offline, but I don’t have the tools or smarts or access to devices results to confirm.

I’ve not seen anything reported by manufacturers that the see this as an issue and are doing anything to fix it, either.