Wyze Mesh Router pro node not pairing

Received the mesh router from a tik tok drawing and I having issues trying to pair a second router(node) to the mesh,
Both have firmware version - I am able to create new networks on only one device. The issue is when trying to add a node.
Phone Pixel 6A Android 13
I have one working and connecting to the internet with no issues. I guess the root router is running. The problem is the node.

  1. Add device | home | mesh router pro | select connect to an existing network
  2. Screen asks if the device is blinking green, after 3 to 4 mins from power plug in it starts blinking
  3. Pairing process starts and the light changes to blinking blue and Bluetooth seems to be doing the provisioning eventually fails either with a message it could not transfer the settings or Bluetooth filed
    I have tried this process 9 times and no success