Wyze Mesh Router Setup

Unable to get the Mesh router to connect via Bluetooth to my phone. I tried BOTH routers in the 1 st package and purchased a SECOND 2-pack and they do the same thing. Is anyone else having this issue? Am I missing a step? I follow the setup in the app, but the same error: WYZE MESH ROUTER failed to connect via Bluetooth. the ONLY option is to reset the routers and try again and again, ad nauseam. HELP, please.

I setup four of the Mesh Routers without any problems. Do you have another phone you can try?

On Android, make sure you have permissions, Near by Devices, set for the Wyze App.

Then when you go through the setup, you will need to wait until you see the Blue light on the Router before you can continue with Bluetooth


Thanks for the reply.
I’ve already done that several times, with the same result.

Cannot connect via BlueTooth…

Unfortunately, I do not have another phone to try.

Can I load the WYZE app onto an Android tablet?

On some Android Tablets you can. I have it loaded on my ONN tablet from Walmart

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Do you have the GPS location services active on the phone when installing? Mine kept failing because the GPS on the phone was off. For whatever reason, the BT setup requires use of the GPS as well.

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I forgot all about that. Very good catch!

I suffered from that as well on at least one setup

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After MANY factory resets, phone resets, hair pulling, teeth gnashing, etc… They decided to work. The setup went smoothly after ALL that. Both units are working fine.


You finally reset them into submission! Actually, for me it was just the root that gave me problems. The nodes installed as smooth as a gravy sandwich.

Glad they are up and running for you.

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