Mesh Pro Router Not Connecting to Wyze Cams Anymore

Ive been running a mesh pro router as my NAT for months now (pass through ATT head end). It is located in my attic and it is screaming fast serving 10 cameras and a slew of other devices. Fast forward to this morning I had a crew working in my attic. I noticed the cameras all went offline which has happened if someone turns off the power to the attic. No problem I restored power and the router re booted. All of the cameras no longer connect and there are a few other 2.4 GHz devices that are not connected in the house like our smart Pura air freshener plug in. But my Wyze smart lamp is back and working which I understand to be 2.4 GHz (please check me on that).

After restarting the router in app, unplugging cameras, and restarting ATT equipment through smart home manager, I still cant get cameras to connect. Any thoughts on the issue?

I Am I missing something here or is there any chance something was damaged in the attic? Router looks fine and has green light. All ethernet cables are in tact and connected. Wyze support asked about firmware versions but did not flag anything. All of this quit at the same time and I had 1 out of 10 cameras that has produced an event notification randomly but besides that showing in the app they all say offline. Wyze router is online and we have internet working on all other devices.

Try disabling 5gHz network temporarily and restart some of the problem devices. May just be they aren’t connecting to 2.4gHz.


@WildBill, I did the temp disable with no success. I’ve tried deleting a camera and re-adding it and it cannot find the network. It’s like the 2.4 band is not there anymore. What is weird is that while I was gone there were a few miscellaneous events popping up in the app like some of the cameras connected long enough to record and upload to the cloud. I can go back and watch those in the app still but all cameras are still showing offline.

Not sure if this means anything but the wyze floor lamp still connects and controls just fine. Half of my Lumary wifi lights are connected (2.4), but my smart plugs are all offline and anything in google home app shows offline. This leads me to beleive its all in the mesh pro router.

That gave me hope so I powered down the electric panel and reboot everything. Same issue after startup. Is a hard-reset on the router my last option?

**Edit I deleted and hard reset the router with the pinhole button. After re-adding the router to the network all of the same symptoms exist.

** Edit again I have been working with Wyze support and they are very helpful and responsive. Going to re connect and setup everything one more time. Next steps are to try and toggle the 2.4 band channel through IP/web access.

Might want to try an older firmware version on one the cameras. Wouldn’t be the first time firmware broke connectivity.