Connecting to Mesh network

I have been operating 6 Wyze cams (5 standard, 1 Pan cam) on a network for a year. I just moved over to a mesh router network. I deployed the TP-Link Deco AC1300. This is a dual-band network and I know Wyze only works on 2.4Ghz. I read another article about someone with connectivity issues on a Google Wifi mesh router. To connect they disabled the 5Ghz network, connected the cameras, and re-enabled 5Ghz.

I turned off my 5Ghz so the network is only 2.4Ghz but am still unable to connect the cameras. I’ve verified that the Android phone I’m using for setup is on the same network (and 2.4Ghz.) After scanning the QR code, I get the audio message, “Unable to find networks.”

Any ideas on how to remedy my situation?

Thanks in advance.

Are you absolutely sure you typed everything in correctly?
I just went thru that this morning setting up a cam on my ATT mobley which has a long SSID, which I mistyped.
It would be nice if they searched for available networks.

Some people have luck connecting 2.4GHz devices when they turn off SSID Broadcast on the 5GHz signal.

I remedied it. Thank you. I had chosen a custom SSID (local sports team name) and was sure I was entering it correctly. I double-checked the network and it had a space at the end of the SSID name. I was not entering the space during the Wyze config so it couldn’t find the correct network.

I did have to have my 5Ghz signal disabled during setup. I re-enabled it after the cams were added and all is well.

Thanks for the advice fellow Wyzers!

Would be nicer if they just default the SSID to the same network the phone is on.