Set up on 5GHZ

I bought my dad some Wyzecams. At first he had iphones that were too old to support the Wyzecam app. Upon getting new iphones, he tried again to connect them. It wouldn’t work. I had them come to my house and connect them to their phones and it worked. I’m assuming their network must be 5Ghz. Now they won’t work at their house again. Do they have to go through the setup again on their network? Plug them into the USB? We live an hour away from them. I can’t figure out how to change their ATT network (which looks like it has both frequencies) to 2.5 in order to connect the phones. Any help out there? He’s been very patient, but is getting frustrated.

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I have a mesh router which combines the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency’s. And I’ve had zero problems getting any of my Waze cameras or other devices to connect. It might be something in his router settings or he’s only got a 5 GHz router

Wyzecams only work on 2.4ghz, even when using a router that uses the same SSID for both 2.4 & 5, the cam will connect at 2.4. Does your dad use the same SSID/password on his router? If not, the cam would need to be setup again. You could have him download the app Wifi Analyzer and verify the SSID is being broadcast on both freqs.


Does his router have a guest network? If so have him turn it on, see if he can restrict the guest network to 2.4g. If he can, then install the cams on the guest network. Remember, during setup the phone has to be connected to the same network the camera is going on. So make sure his phone is connected to the guest network during set up.

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Thanks! I’ll have him try it or I will the next time i go to their house. At least we’ve narrowed it down to it being something with their network-it’s not their phones or the cameras, themselves.

I would almost bet everything that while the cams may be connecting to 2.4g, the phone is always connecting to the 5g. That would cause the setup to fail everytime. What kind of router does he have?

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Not every time my iPhone 8 Plus has been on 5 GHz and I’ve been able to get Wyze devices to pair so I think sometimes it depends on the router

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One of my routers is a TP-Link Archer C7. It has a feature called Smart Connect that allows you to set up 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz with the same SSID and password. The connected device will automatocally choose the best network connection.
My phones connects at 5Ghz abd the Wyze cams connect on 2.4. Everything works together.

It may, do you have Mesh? With my Orbi mesh I can be on 5g and set up 2.4g, however I do have issues here and there with it. Between the sparatic issues with that and the Ring doorbells apparent hatred for mesh networks, I use my guest network as my smarthome network like I suggested. I now have over 35 smart devices on my guest network and it set to just 2.4g, not a single problem at all.

Tp Link has a few routers that work really well with smart devices, most likely because they have a pretty big smart product line that they are expanding quickly. They just released a new light strip and they have a pretty cool wifi power strip too. The power strip is way too expensive for my taste though.

Yes I have an Orbi mesh system. And the only device I had an issue with was my garage door because they had specifically designed it not to work with a mesh system. But I was able to bypass it by running out into the yard and getting my phone on the 2.4 GHz and then running back to the garage really quickly and pairing my phone to the wall unit Lol.

My Wyze cam pan will not pair in one particular room. If I take it to another room it pairs then I can take it back to the original room and it stays. And it works just fine but it will not pair in that room I have no idea why.

That’s weird. Do you have the Ring? My Ring barely ever worked when I had it on the regular WIFI. Ever since I limited the guest to 2.4g and moved it there, it works perfectly. They wanted me to buy the stupid Eing Chime, because apparently the Doorbell connects to the chime and then the Ring Chime connects to the WIFI. Supposedly the Chime doesnt haven’t issues with mesh. I’m not buying any more Ring garbage though. I can’t stand that over prices pile of garbage. That and my MyQ garage door opener are both garbage. Can’t wait to replace both. I’m waiting for the Wyze garage door opener and doorbell. I"ll buy the garage door opener and try it out on my garage and leave the MYQ on my wife’s garage door until I know that there are no issues with it. That’s if I can hold out… I’m pretty impatient and have been eyeing the Tailwind Garage door opener… which is on sale now…:thinking:

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I didn’t even know Wyze had a garage door opener on their radar. I think you might have to think about that one. I went with linear pro. It works really good. But you have to do all the tech yourself. Because they built a smart garage door just to get one on the market and they don’t have any of the back end really set up yet. They gave me virtually zero tech-support. Now the family owned company that I got it from is really good if I would ever have any issues with the door itself but I have had zero issues with the door itself. So it works with regular garage door opener’s that you put in your car and then it has a wall panel and then it has an app. End it shows you if the door is open, closed or partially open clothes. It also alert you to the light it’s built into the garage door unit itself if it’s on or off. And with the app you can turn that light on if you need to. He really is a pretty slick unit it works really good but getting it paired was extremely difficult. I bet you I tried to pair it 30 to 40 times before I finally got it to actually pair with the mesh router. But once it was paired it works just fine. And if the Wi-Fi goes out it reconnects on its own no problems and my phone can be on 5 GHz and still operate it so as much problems as I had with it I’m happy with it.

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Since I have my Galaxy S9 back I’m trying to migrate most of my automation to smartthings even though I dont have the hub. I’m guessing there is no automation support for Alexa or Smartthings correct? Does it work with IFTTT? Can you auto-open using geofencing? From what I understand, I can do most of that with Tailwind. That’s what I’m really looking for. When I bought the MyQ it was relatively new and it had a ton of automation available. My door would open when I pulled in my driveway. It would auto close when I left. I could use Wink to set a bot that would check to see if the door was open at a certain time, say 8pm, if it was then the Wink bot would close it. It auto opened every morning about 10 min before my daughters bus arrived, which also served as a “gotta get going” reminder for us. Then one day without warning they killed all of the automation. Gone. They stated that they did for security reasons and that they were working on a solution. I don’t remember exactly when that happened now, it’s been YEARS. I figured “they’ll add it back in a few months”, nope. The most they’ve accomplished is allowing Google Assistant to close the garage door via voice command.

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They have Geo fencing for the new deadbolt and it will open as you get close to it. But they don’t really have anything else that uses Geo fencing because they don’t have a garage door anything like that. If the door is left open the deadbolt will chime and tell you that the door is left open if you select that option. The deadbolt will not in gauge if the door is open. And you can select when you want the deadbolt to lock. if you want right when the door is shut or in five minutes after the door shuts or not at all. But I don’t think you’re going to find anything that’s going to actually open and close the door for you except for like garage door. I have Geo fencing on my garage door and it will open it but I don’t believe it will close it.

Alexa will also unlock The deadbolt. You have to give it a code. then ask Alexa to unlock the door she’ll ask you for the code to give the correct code she’ll unlock it. And if you wanted to lock it you don’t have to give any code at all she’ll just lock the door

Sorry, I was referring to the Linear Pro garage door opener. Wyze is in the “researching” phase of the garage door opener, so I know it will be a while.

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Don’t buy linear pro from like a big box store buy it from a actual garage door install company because they are different they have the same model number but the ones at the big box store use plastic bushings and different parts they actually showed me the difference and the one that you get from an actual dealer is better quality and the same price

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Remember I warned you pairing it with an Orbi mesh router is going to be extremely difficult. And I am not kidding at all and you will get zero help from the company. They even had a corporate person call me because they said they took my complaint so seriously and then he was going to look into it and call me back and never did. Then they told me that the number I was calling was for repair people and professionals only and I showed them on their website where it said it was for customers and that as long as it didn’t change I was going to continue to call that number and ask for support and if they didn’t like it that was too bad. So they helped me very very little and they got very angry with me to the point where the guy yelled screamed and used profanity at me over the phone. Then he called my local dealer and tried to badmouth me and they said that they knew me personally and they weren’t going to listen to it.

Then they didn’t believe that I actually got it paired and got it working with the mesh router so I had to have my wife record me on my phone operating the door and send it to them and they didn’t believe it but they thought somehow it was made up. I even showed him how the garage door was on 2.4 GHz and my phone was on 5 GHz do the router and it was working and they said that was impossible. It was just a cluster. But like I said it’s working now and it’s working wirelessly but you Then they didn’t believe that I actually got it paired and got it working with the mesh router so I had to have my wife record me on my phone operating the door and send it to them and they didn’t believe it but they thought somehow it was made up. I even showed him how the garage door was on 2.4 GHz and my phone was on 5 GHz through the router and it was working and they said that was impossible. It was just a cluster. But like I said it’s working now and it’s working flawlessly but you might quite quite the time getting it to work initially. the time getting it to work initially. And if you call them they will tell you that they do not support mesh router’s and they do not give tech-support for mesh routers it needs to be on a dedicated 2.4 GHz signal. They even at one point told me that it was illegal to have an entry point device on a mesh router. And I said that there are tons of smart deadbolts that are on mesh router’s and their entry point devices and then they backed off that point

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Netgear 7550. ATT 8311


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wow, u guys really hijacked this thread lol

in regards to the same SSID being broadcast on both 2.4 & 5ghz… I recently started using a Comcast provided modem/router that by default uses the same SSID on both freqs, it has it’s pros/cons. Previously I had been using the Archer c7 for many years and always used separate SSIDs. Anyways, 90% of the time my phone is connected to 5ghz, and I have not had any issues setting up a Wyzecam, although most of my cams were already setup when I switched to the xFi router. I’m going factory reset one of my v2s and see if I have any issues setting up. That’s the only thing I can think of could be the issue your dad is having. It’s definitely something with his network, since you were successful setting up on your network.

I have had a couple other smart home devices that were a PITA setting up due to the device being on 2.4 & my phone being on 5ghz. I had to re-configure the router to split the SSIDs just to setup the devices.

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