Wyze cameras won't connect to your network. Problem Solved

I have several Wyze cameras including 2 version 1 Cam Pans, and 3 Wyze Outdoor cameras.
I was having no success on getting several of them to connect to the network and the camera server. I spent tons of time on the phone with Wyze support and no solution came about.


Prior to attempting to connect your camera to the network, log on to your router and TURN OFF your 5Ghz WIFI signal… Leave your 2.4Ghz WIFI on and log on to your network with that signal.

Then go through the connection process with your cameras. Connect all of them and ensure they all work.

Then you can go log on to your router again and turn the 5Ghz WIFI back on.

Problem solved…

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That was an excellent and concisely explained solution. Glad to see it.

Here’s another suggestion that its the right time to add this, so anyone that is reading yours might also get this idea - just in case. Sometimes we forget and a hint is just enough.

Many of us keep old gear when we upgrade to newer routers and mesh routers. Seems about half of the newer routers are merging the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands together and creating these issues. So, when you are trying to add a 2.4 device to your merged network, here’s an idea that I know from first hand works.

  1. I keep an old router (actually more than 1), that is still using the same SSID/network name and password as my newer gear. This part, same SSID/password is critical.
  2. Temporarily remove power from your newer router. Don’t forget, must do all the nodes, not just the one connected to your cable modem. All of them.
  3. Connect the old router to the cable modem and boot up your old network.
  4. Add the 2.4 device and access it so you can confirm its on your network.
  5. Shutdown your old router, plug the cable modem into the newer router and power it back up. Power up your other nodes too.
  6. Now that the 2.4 device has been added to your named SSID and password and has been on your network, it will reconnect automatically because it matches the SSID/password both your routers (old and newer) use.

Its always been easier and we have encouraged people here to re-use the same SSID/network name and password as their old router when they are upgrading. Because you avoid having to change each device and often go through the setup to change the SSID and password on every device you are reconnecting.

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Anyway, thanks for the confirmation that this worked for you. It has long been one of the tips given for problem installs. It really has to do with the router though. I have never had any install issues with any of my routers with a dual band, single SSID network and my phone connected to 5GHz. If it is a split SSID network, however, it is an absolute requirement to log into the 2.4GHz with your phone.


This is a problem when traveling and don’t have control over 2.4 or 5 band. Why can’t they connect to 5?

Tried that. It has not worked after several attempts

As with most IoT devices, they do not have the 5 ghz radio (hardware) that is necessary to connect using 5 ghz frequency to a 5 ghz radio on the router. They are not designed to connect at 5 ghz. Its not a software/firmware issue, the hardware does not exist in the devices.