Support 5GHz wifi band for Wyze Devices

Add 5GHz wifi support to the wifi module in Wyze Devices in addition the current 2.4GHz wifi. This would involve a pretty major hardware redesign and there are not currently any plans to implement this.

MOD NOTE 2022-11-24: Title and body changed to include all Wyze devices. (At the time this was originally submitted, there were not any devices except cameras.)

Really need 5ghz support for the cams. (or hardwire Ethernet) I have 2 of the V2 models.

My 2.4ghz radio on my router has failed, so I can no longer use these cams unless i replace my router, or tack on a 2.4 AP…but these Wyze cams are the ONLY thing I have that needs 2.4 band.

The 2.4G band at my location(Large apartment complex) is EXTREMELY crowded. 5G is far less crowded. I could even hardwire via Ethernet these cams where I have them placed.

Wyze cams are really neat and awesome for their size and price…but, not having dual band wifi support (or hardwire support), really is a hindrance.


I’ve added your request to Wyze’s feature request tracker. However, there are no plans to implement this. It would take a significant hardware change. There are many hardware related requests (eg. outdoor camera) that are much more popular than this. So I wouldn’t hold your breath. Sorry.


There are quite a few other IP cams out there that have both 5ghz and/or wired support, however, they are far more expensive. However, dual band wifi SOC have been standard implemented in laptops and other small wifi devices such as phones/tablets for over a decade now, so its not like its new and expensive tech. The cost to get the chipsets certainly can not be any higher or if so, a very small marginal amount.

Perhaps it could be possible to make an internal change so that the USB port on the back could be used with a USB A to Ethernet adapter, that way you wont have to change the wifi SOC then? Or maybe, make a add on dongle accessory that you sell separately to mitigate cost that you plug into the back to the cam that has the upgraded wifi chip? Though, at that point…i guess, might as well just make a new cam model entirely. Which, btw, I would have no issue buying. I see no reason why Wyze can’t offer a Premium model cam…if it had 5ghz support and cost ~$10 or so more, its fine by me.

That being said, I have found and tired other cheapo, random named, ebay/Amazon ip cams that do support 5ghz band and cost about the same as the Wyze cam…while they do…work…they suck in vid quality and features as compared to Wyze cam.


They are currently using the rtl8189ftv chip, and they could easily use a different chip that supports dual band, but, that adds cost, and that is the main reason they won’t do this yet.

Need the ability to use the 5Ghz band on my B/N/AC router as well as the the 2.4Ghz band.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


I didn’t vote for this but I will say that perhaps you could think about launching a more premium product with this is mind.

Higher than 1080p (2k to 4k)
Algorithms/AI that work client-side with a higher end CPU (Intel)
All other wyzecam features
2.4g N/5g AC

Obviously this is going to cost more than $20 or $30. Figure pricing out and let folks know and see if it’s viable. If people are paying $300 for it, I’m sure some of us won’t have an issue spending $100 on a cam with real AI and great features built in.


I really wish the WYZE Cams had the option to use both 2.4 and 5 GHz wi-fi.


Ooh, Yeah 5GHz Would be great, I’m all for it

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5GHz would be great as it is faster wifi, HOWEVER, is has a less range than 2.4GHz and has a harder time traveling through walls and floors.


2.4ghz is often set with too much range, broadcasting into others air space.
That band is far overcrowded and very high interference.

Dual band chips have been around for 15yr or so now btw.
Hell, an old legacy 802.11a 5ghz AP can be found for under $5 at a local Thrift store.
Even the cheapo brand new $15 routers at Walmart are dual band.
And cheap wifi enabled kids toys are dual band.
So, ok, the dual band chip may cost literally a few pennies more for Wyze to get.
Call the dual band model the “WYZE Cam Plus” or something and charge $5 more.

There are a few other IoT devices that support 5ghz, TPlink Kasa is one.
But I have read those other devices that do support 5ghz, only support the low band channels, (non DFS channels), which indeed are lower range than high band DFS.

Ultimately, I see it more practical for Wyze to make use of existing hardware, the usb port on the units them selfs and make it so that one could plug up a usb A to Ethernet adapter and hardwire the cam. They also could do like the ChromeCast Ultra and make Ethernet over the usb power adapter.

The WYZE cams barley push any data as their video stream is a very low encoded bit rate, as compared to much more expensive cams than can push 100 to 300x that as well as double the frame rate. Still they are quite finicky and sensitive to interference, hence why getting such devices off the terrible 2.4ghz band to the cleaner 5ghz band is important. But, for $20, they still are a above average product even with their quirks and limited feature set.


+1 for 5Ghz WiFi cam version. Definitely needed. 2.4 is way to crowded and not fast enough.

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5GHz would be great for ubiquiti users… most of the 2.4GHz stuff is really phased out and very very dated. Im very lucky my hardware still supports 2.4GHz but the models up do not support 2.4GHz

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Wyze Please support this!!!

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I would like to see 5ghz.


Screw the dual band, I just want 5Ghz. Your typical microwave throws enough 2.4Ghz interference out there not to mention all the 2.4Ghz congestion in populated areas, having a 5Ghz model would resolve that.

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There are still many that need the 2.4 so if they were to implement 5 it would almost have to be a dual band. 5 does not get near the distance as 2.4 does.


Sure…like WYZE is gonna trust some random person on the internets to provide them with something as important as the wifi chip. How they would know what mods it has or backdoor or someway to exploit it for remote access by others…

Everytime I turn on my microwave, it kills my Wyze cam connections. Going to 5Ghz would solve this kind of problem (not to mention a lot of other interference in the 2.4Ghz range).


Have you tried changing the 2.4GHz channel the router is using? Most wifi routers let you do this.

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