Hook up

I can’t talk up the camera tells me cannot find specified network name

I suspect that the phone that you typed that post on “auto-mangled” it for you, but from the best that I can piece together what actually got posted, you are trying to setup a camera for the first time and can’t it connect. First guess is that your WiFi is operating on 5 GHz (or more likely dual band). The Wyze cameras are 2.4 GHz ONLY. From my own experience, they don’t handle mixed band access points well either. Mine are a mixture of 2.4 and dual band APs. Even though a 2.4 GHz only device SHOULD be able to connect to the dual band APs, the Wyze cameras were not overly successful. In my case, I added an additional SSID in my APs that is locked to 2.4 GHz only, and now the cameras connect just fine. However most “consumer” WiFi access points don’t offer that capability.


Thanks thats what it was I went to 2.4 and it hooked right up

Glad I could help.