I was wondering if anyone has purchased the wyze router and if it's faster than the Google nest

I was wondering if anyone has purchased the wyze router and if it’s faster than the Google nest . Because my speed for the Amount of electronics That are being used in my 2 family house is not enough. I just upgraded the internet service to 500mhrtz and it’s still coming up 255.03 and that’s not even close. But the thing is before I upgraded from 300 it was showing the speed was at like 600 700 hundred. And the guy downstairs was getting 1100 on his Xbox. But it was lagging mand buffering. And resetting itself. Constantly. I have the box and router up on the second floor apartment. I can’t even get internet 10’ to the bathroom And 15 feet to the second bedroom. In the back of the house. It does work sometimes back there but the kids are on the tablets and it keeps knocking them off. So please anyone with computer a d internet education please help me!!! I’m very intelligent but, this I’m not so pricey on. I read some articles and it says to have your router up off the ground or out from under the desk because the waves come out downward and then out. So I have it up on the shelf

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I am using the Wyze Mesh Router Pro with two nodes deployed. I have never used the Nest, so I have no comparison. I was using a TP-Link Archer A6 w\ a Mesh Extender prior to that and get much better coverage now. I am capped on a Fiber ISP at 200Mbps (yes, I’m cheap). Online speed tests tend to vary considerably depending on the server used, but I average between 190-210 :arrow_up: 159-170 :arrow_down: w\ mid 400’s Link Speeds.

In your assessment of your speeds, one thing to isolate in your speed\bandwidth loss is to determine if it is being slowed by your ISP\Modem or your WiFi router.

The WiFi Link Speed will vary depending on your distance from the connected node, physical barriers, number of active connected devices, and the band being used by that device. It will change as you move about the network layout. This can be checked in the device’s WiFi settings for the connected network. Another useful tool is to monitor the strength of the WiFi signal (RSS) to each device as it moves farther away from the router and encounters more physical barriers.

Checking your ISP transmit speed doing a comparative speed test on a device connected by LAN and by WiFi will also give you an indication of the effectiveness of the WiFi Link Speed. The best indication of true ISP speed is done with a LAN connection directly to the Modem\Gateway\ONT.


I am cheaper :joy: since I am intentionally using Xfinity slowest 75Mbps plan to save. No noticeable difference in my internet use/experience except speedtest giving me a 90Mbps, down from 700Mbps from an expired one year deal.

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I am already in my ISP’s basement. No plan lower. But, 200Mbps for $60 is a competitive price in my area for a fiber hookup.

I am paying $35/month for my slowest Xfinity 75Mbps plan in San Jose, CA area. Previouly I paid $30/month for 700Mbps due to a very good one year deal. I have to pay $65/month for 700Mbps unless I switch my mobile service to Xfinity to get some discount.

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I pay $15/month for 500 Mbps down and use google nest at one home with 2 mesh points (main +1), When I test the speed through fast.com, speedtest.net, or built-in speed test in the google nest mesh setup, it reports close to what I pay for. House made of cinder block, rebar, and concrete. I have 15 wyze devices there. House has fiber.

However, in another home where I have 4 google nest mesh (1 main and 3 points) and many more wyze devices (probably 50), I pay $50/month for 500 Mbps and can never get more than 440 Mbps. House made of wood and plaster. House has fiber.

I have one other home also of rebar, cement, and cinder block. Will test the wyze router there if someone wants to send me one at no charge? :slight_smile: will probably buy one soon and report back; currently have a netgear nighthawk there that cost way more than the google mesh setup, but I don’t like how you access that system to adjust settngs. House has 250 Mbps connection. House has fiber.

Google home is pretty slick - only adopted it 6 months ago. Before i knew about the wyze setup that was coming.

Yeah I really want to see what. More people are saying about. The wyze mesh apposed to the nest

And we’re do y’all live because that all really cheap internet My landlord had us on the 300 plan but he kept lagging and so we upgraded to the 500 and I think it was after his deal expires in March or May it’ll go up $20 so I think it makes she said it would make it 65 crap I can’t recall but I know it was not anywhere near what you all are banned. I’m in Albany New York

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico is $15/month ($300 pesos, or MXN dollar) for fiber optic from Telmex. Had it 4 years. Unlimited cell phone there is $9/month with TelCel. Cost of living is also cheap. Plus: Not freezing cold like Albany. New construction is $150,000 USD for a single family residence.

Manhattan Beach, California, USA is slower and costs $50/month. Had fiber there for 10 years or so. MB is a very expensive town – not for everyone’s budget. New construction is $3.5 million for single family residence. They charge more because they can.

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