Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Updates

I have the Wyze Mesh Router Pro (2 nodes). It’s been a great Router so far. Great speeds (600 down, 22 up). It solved all my network issues in terms of weird responses from Wyze and other Smart Home stuff. I have T-stat, contact sensors, motions sensors, 10 cameras, Rules Galore, lock, bulbs (about 15 of them)… I use it all. This strained my previous router (non WiFi 6 router).

Could anyone in the “know”, namely a Wyze Employee, let us know if there are plans to update or patch the router? A feature I would like is resource monitoring on the router? But, the bigger question is, “Security”?

I know the haters will say, “Don’t trust Wyze with your network Security”. Fair point. They haven’t been perfect.

Which I guess is the question; is anyone actively monitoring the routers for Zero-Day exploits and/or has an extensive outside security audit been performed on the router? I activated my router on 2/24/2023. Should I be worried that there have been no updates since 05/01/2023? (v1.0.1.109)?

To be fair, I’ve bought routers from other companies… they had exploits in them that the reputable company didn’t know about (sometimes for years)… had to patch it … and then stopped patching the router altogether no more than 1-2 years after release. Does that mean they “solved” all the problems and “no worries” on security??? Maybe? Maybe Not.

Security is a bit of an illusion in terms of I.T. I’m not even bothered if someone wanted to watch me through my cameras… I figure, if you like watching a middle-aged dude, shaped like a melting pumpkin, River Dance in a onesie in his living room, have at it!

But my data… that is way more valuable than my image. If you are inside my network in terms of TCP/IP and ports… that is a whole different discussion. You can do actual damage to things that way.

I asked about this in the most recent AMA and got a response from one of the Wyze cofounders (nobody better to get a response from):


Features aren’t as much of a deal-breaker for me. I’ve messed with Routers for over 25 years and learned I don’t care too much beyond some basic configurations. I got tired of being a network admin all day, and then coming home to be a network admin. I still can’t help myself sometimes, but I just need things to work and be simple for the most part.

But I definitely want to be “safe” with them. Or maybe what I’m really saying is I want to “feel” safe.

Because, let’s be honest… if you go buy the latest NetGear Router, do you go find any security audit information on the router? Do you try to infiltrate your own network? Do any of us really know that it’s safe? Is Ignorance Bliss?

@carverofchoice - I couldn’t agree more on the feature set… very limited. But, it performs, it stays on-line and reconnects when my Internet goes out. And, I can’t think of anything major that I “need” to do in terms of my personal home network (admin-wise). I just need the light to be green and have a great firewall I suppose.

I would still be interested in what they have to say about security. Since it is OpenWRT based, does that help make it more bullet-proof since that has been around for a long time and has been tested heavily? I’ve only tinkered with it for old Linksys Blue Routers. WiFi in 2001 was cute.

Good questions you asked though. Thanks for sharing.


It is reassuring that they said they plan to do patches when necessary.

I know they also incorporated Firedome into the routers, so there is definitely some protection from malware, hacking, botnets, ransomware, and other cyberthreats constantly being updated for the Wyze routers. That is probably reasonable enough set-it & forget-it security for most people’s needs, and it is nice to know there is something in place that has ongoing and up-to-date protection, assuming that is part of what you were specifically asking about.