New Wyze Mesh router and Pro

I’m needing to upgrade my current router and am wondering what people are thinking about the newly introduced Wyze Mesh router and Pro as options …tlhutch4

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I think it’s to new to get any meaningful feedback.

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TP Link just announced Wifi 7 and support for thread for IoT devices, essentially allowing devices to communicate with each other through the router even when there is no internet.

With the Wyze mesh standard version looking like a simple mesh router system, pretty sure your best bet is to wait until the pro is released to see what additional features “if any” they have planned.

I’m not sure I trust Wyze from a security standpoint as a newcomer to the router market, when there are plenty of established players that provide more features.

50 device limit per node? ah, no thank you.

Thanks for your reply Aaron….tlhutch4

I’m a neophyte when it comes to Router technology which makes it very difficult to select a replacement for my current router. Looking to go on Amazon and get one that is an upgrade to my Netgear Nighthawk I mentioned above. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated…. Thanks, tlhutch4

The Deco Mesh system is pretty bulletproof, well established, and a similar price point to the Wyze system. If you want something a little more customizable, are a performance nerd, or have non standard home construction like me TP links Omada system is affordable, and has Power over Ethernet access points more similar to what you would find in a commercial application.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Wyze a lot, I’m sure their mesh network will work for the average consumer.
However watching them continually mess around with new fringe products while neglecting important features for their core product lines doesn’t give me a ton of faith in them launching their own line of networking equipment.

Especially when there’s nothing I’ve seen in this mesh product launch that separates it from really any other system currently out there.


In that past I have used big name players such as Lynksis, D-Link and Netgear. Of all the three mentioned, Netgear has been the best of the three.

Will the new wyze mesh pro router allow for us to troubleshoot, see our signal strength of each mesh unit and connected devices? I have XB7 with their pucks and all diagnostics/troubleshooting is locked / not available, and useless with our houses full of devices. They say they can do it better and can’t for past 2 years. extremelt frustrating.

i see reference to wifi7. any options for updating wyze mesh as new technologies show up, if possible.

I am looking forward to trying mesh pro in Canada. We have some reinforced concrete walls that require the hardwired backhaul I am glad to see this available.

Please let us know what you think of the Wyze Mesh Pro performs for you…tlhutch4

I’m seriously looking at buying the "Netgear Orbi Whole Home Tri- Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK752) Router. $299 on Amazon. If you or anyone can give me feedback on this Router I would surely appreciate it…tlhutch4

Unfortunately I have no experience with that router. I have an older Netgear N600. I think it’s over ten years old but still going strong no issues at all. I can access all it’s features from anywhere in the world with it’s remote management.

Read the reviews and take them with grain of salt. I can see it only supports 40 devices, not sure if that is enough for you. Also it seams to have a good coverage. From what I know, all Netgear routers have a wide coverage. If the price is right and you are happy with it’s features, go for it.

Just placed the order for The Orbi shown on my previous post….tlhutch4

All the best with your new purchase. I hope it performs as expected :slight_smile:

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Thanks, looking forward to getting it Wednesday and giving it a shot.

Haven’t really checked it out that much, but I have a mesh system now but not a mesh router, not sure if this is a Modem or if it just connects to your existing Modem like my mesh system does, but for signal boosting around the whole house mesh is the way to go over the Wi-Fi extenders.

First, I’d like to know what the USB is for or capable of located in the rear of the device.

Second, having Wyze devices and potentially a Wyze router. It would be really great if the router matched the Wyze devices in the app automatically and isolate them in a more secure way for IOT devices and enhance the router / app information per device for even greater forms to tuning.

Last. I would definitely like to know what the roadmap is for these mesh devices and some more information on how the devices react in the app when Wifi from the mesh router connection is lost.

Loosing control outside the home makes sense if the ISP goes down. But what solution is there to troubleshoot easily for a non tech person at home if needed.

First off, I assume you are asking about my new Orbi RBK 752 that I post about above.
If that is so I will TRY to answer your questions.
My new Orbi mentioned above arrived last week and is now set up and running.

In response to your questions:
There are no USB ports on the back of the router. Only a couple ethernet ports to attach devices.

When moving from a Nighthawk to an Orbi router, I found that there was no way to automatically upload devices from one of the router to the other, I had to add them in manually, which was a pain.

I’ve attached an image of what happens when the router loses connection with a device on my iPad. This is quite annoying when it happens and what’s required is you have to press the middle of that image with the circle in it and sometimes it reconnects and Other times it does not which is very frustrating.