Wyze Mesh Router Pro has arrived!

More speed. More coverage. More control. Plus, it comes with network monitoring, threat prevention and parental controls.
A seamless, premium Wi-Fi 6E experience is waiting for you and it starts here :point_right: Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro

Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro


Ordered, thanks


Why is the one pack for $173 not for sale? the email sent yesterday showed the price of 173 but not its 273 or up?

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I am sorry about that, there is a very limited stock on the 1-pack so there was a last minute adjustment. As soon as I have the timeline for the 1-pack I will let you know.


how about a discount on the 2 pack?

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I wish I had control over that but I do not.

I don’t suppose they could add the 1-pack, put an ‘out-of-stock’ message on it, and accept an email address to be notified when it’s available? :slight_smile:


Hey all, bit of a spelling error on your email, just FYI.

Right around the middle:

“Smooth, best-in-class Wi-Fi performance, both now and into the future, as 6 Ghz increasinylu becomes the band of choice for future devices.”


Some people are reporting their router orders are out for delivery today :heart_eyes:

Dont exactly understand the who the target customer would be for this fast router. My ISP supplies 900 Mbps download speed. Wouldn’t this be a bottleneck for a 2.5 GB router? I guess I could set up a fast network for an intranet within my home but not clear how this would take advantage of stream from outside.

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There are a lot of technical reasons for this, but the summary is all that really matters is that a router can support speeds faster than your internet connection, not that it is designed or limited to your exact bandwidth.

I won’t get detailed with all the benefits that come from having a router that can provide speeds faster than your internet connection, but one thing I will mention here that is somewhat relevant to a lot of the Wyze users here who want to set this up as an NAS to save recordings of their camera footage to a harddrive, is that even if a person has 1Gbps internet (fairly common with Fiber now), all that camera video coming in on the local network won’t affect your internet bandwidth limits because these routers will have enough bandwidth to keep all of that traffic locally, and still have a free Gbps in bandwidth to devote to all the devices that actually need internet instead of local use. I will personally be grateful for the extra bandwidth leeway at that point.

But even if someone doesn’t plan to store camera footage locally through these, all that really matters is that a router supports speeds faster than your ISP gives you as a bandwidth limit.


Any thoughts on how the Wyze Mesh Router Pro compares (or will compare, considering it’s new) to TP-Link Deco XE75 Pro or Eero Pro 6E? I need to replace an old mesh system in a three-level townhouse that doesn’t have the best layout: main node as router in kitchen (second level, front of house) less than a foot from a window because Verizon refused to run wire upstairs or relocate ONT; second node in basement, almost a direct drop from kitchen node; and third upstairs in master bedroom.

I think I remember this from discussions prior to the release, but wanted to confirm. Can the Mesh Router Pro operate strictly as an access point and not perform ANY router functions?

I have had issues with WiFi in certain parts of my house since I purchased it a few years back. Certain areas have had dead zones and I just could not rectify the issues without opening up walls and running cable for access points that were worth a dang.

Prior to purchasing the Wyze Mesh Router Pro I had a TP-Link Deco X68. While it did help slightly, I still had issues in those same trouble spots.

Fast forward to yesterday when I received the Wyze Mesh Router Pro. Super easy installation for the root unit and the satellite unit. I love the extra touch of checking the signal between the two routers to ensure adequate signal strength. After installation, I immediately went to the trouble areas of the house and ran a few tests. Signal strength was very strong and speeds were improved drastically. I went from 1.5Mb/s without Deco, to about 4-5Mb/s with the Deco, then to 150Mb/s with the Wyze Router Pro. Now, it has only been 1 day, so we’ll see how it holds up.

Some little touches that really make a difference, in my opinion:

  1. Signal strength testing between Wyze routers
  2. The ability to turn off the LED’s for light sensitive sleepers (cough my wife cough)
  3. 1-touch optimization to ensure fastest speed
  4. Access control per device
  5. The ability to temporarily disable 5G. Could be very useful in the event of adding devices that must use 2.4

One thing that is of slight concern that I will have to be cognoscente of, is the bottom of the routers get very hot. I do know that the heat sink tech in the routers do this on purpose, but it’s still concerning. It’s of the warmest I have experienced with any electronic I have tested, so I may have to buy a PC fan and 3D print a stand for it to sit on with the fan blowing on it. We’ll see though.

All in all a great purchase which I highly recommend. Just my two cents.


Yes, the heat sink on these does get very hot. I just put some 1/4" rubber feet on the bottom to lift it up a bit and that has kept the surface it’s sitting on substantially cooler while allowing more room for airflow.


I love your examples of the signal difference you get. These are pretty impressive that way, but very interesting to see the Mbps difference in your use case. Thanks for sharing.

I also put a fan blowing on 2 of my Pro routers. Maybe it doesn’t need that, but I’ve always believed that electronics work better and last longer when they are kept a little cooler, so it is just something I do with the intent of keeping it functioning well and lasting longer.

I like Loki’s idea of putting thicker rubber feet on it to lift it up for more breathing room. I may have to do that, especially on my 3rd one that doesn’t have a fan on it.


Already out of stock! Dang it! I signed the email notification but Do you have estimated time to to be back in stock?

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I will see what I can find out for you.


That would be great. I need to upgrade immediately. We moved and now my old router isn’t coming close to the coverage I need. We work from home too!