Release date for the pro mesh router?!

Does anybody know when the mesh pro router will be released? I’m getting anxious waiting and trying not to jump at other routers but everything I’ve read said it was supposed to be released in January 2023 in speculation but nothing yet!


I read somewhere that it could be released sometime in March, the only thing we’ve been told is that it would be coming out early 2023 but I could be wrong here so take this with a grain of salt

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One of the requirements for a new router that everyone should seek is “the device/subdevice limit”. What does that mean? We continue to grow the count/quality of devices that we add to our homes to make them smarter. We often forget that many of the lower priced routers have a limit to how many devices that can connect. When we exceed that magic number, device start to randomly drop off our WiFi network. Sometimes its as simple as bring the laptop or tablet home and it connection to WiFi will bump another device off our network. And its not easy to recognize that this is the problem.

So, when you are browsing around for a new router/mesh system check how many devices it supports. So how do you know when enough is enough? That’s hard to determine. How many do you already have on your network? Maybe at least double that number for your next router’s count. Regardless of what you do, just be aware it could be a problem now or even later depending on how many devices you already have.

I purchased the eero 6e. in Dec 2021 and by May 2022, I had outgrown it, as it only supported 75 devices per node. AND, there was no way to push/move devices to the lesser used node.


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We never did say January (and it won’t be January) but we did say early 2023. We are still finalizing the exact date but it is getting close. I am glad you are excited about it.