Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Coming Soon

Some of you asked us to tell you when Wyze Mesh Router Pro is available, so here’s your notice! :tada:

Wyze Mesh Router Pro will be available tomorrow, February 21st. Premium Today. Premium Tomorrow!

Smooth, best-in-class Wi-Fi performance, both now and into the future, as 6 GHz increasingly becomes the band of choice for future devices.

Thanks for being a supporter of Wyze! We can’t wait for you to experience Wi-Fi at its Wi-Finest with Wyze Mesh Router Pro.



Cannot wait


I’m looking forward to getting one of these! I have some questions if anyone knows:

  • Will this support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi devices (older smart plugs/switches/sensors)?
  • I have 150+ wifi devices in my home - should I get 3 or 4 PRO mesh points?
  • Does it support IPv6? I have IPv6 for our LAN and our ISP now supports IPv6.
  • I need to create inbound access - does it support creating inbound rules with NAT (IPv4)?
  • Does it have monitoring APIs or ways to detect traffic or individual device bandwidth/errors?
  • What, if any, firewall capabilities does it have (or do you recommending adding one inline)?

Here is what I know based the information provided:


I believe they said it will support 75 per node, I would always add one more than what is needed. So based on your count, I would get 3.

Yes it should, The standard mesh supports IPV6 as the Pro should as well.

Should be the same as the standard. you can setup Port Forwarding Rules to Reserved DHCP Clients. You can then set the Internal and external ports. Is that what you are asking?

Can’t answer this question - Sorry

Can’t fully answer this question - Sorry. But I am sure it will use the same as the standard Wyze Mesh Router:


Is there any news @WyzeJasonJ on the USB port supporting external storage as some type of NAS or backup location for Wyze cams?
I also wonder if there are current plans for it to support a USB printer to be used over the home network :slight_smile:


Can we setup the router to have different ssids for different bands, or just one ssid?

I believe you can set it up the same as the Wyze Standard Mesh Router. When you go through the installation, you are prompted to use separate SSID’s per band or one Mesh Setup. When setting up my Sons, I chose one SSID for all Bands. They have been working great with all of his non Wyze devices including all of the Wyze Devices.


There is also a feature to temporarily disable the 5G band if needed to set up a 2.4G device.


I wish I could blame anyone but myself. Been waiting for months for the pro routers. Got in to work stuff in the AM and 2 packs already sold out :frowning:

Anyone have a guess if we are in the weeks, months, years for 2 packs to be available again? Just tap the link every day I guess :smile:

I don’t think it has been fully released yet.

The out of stock in the App is a place holder. the Web Site shows this:


Do it now… Seems to be available on the Web Site… May be in the app as well


So am I correct in understanding these are only sold in 2 or 3 packs? That’s kind of disappointing.

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@thismustbejunk try now. The 2-pack and 3-pack are available on the web and in the app.
@sfopjh01 no option for just 1 PRO at this point :slightly_frowning_face:

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I thought I saw a one pack. It may have changed when it dropped

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You can order… Did you?

Thanks. Is there setting to select channels for different bands?

Not sure, on the base router, I never had a need to do that. But I can look around my sons and see


Looks like you can do it via the Web interface.


I’m with you, and frustrated that it’s only listing multi-packs. I only need 1 unit, and have been waiting to buy it since I learned about it months ago. I’m hoping it’s a e-commerce glitch because the e-mail that I received earlier advertised selling them individually for $173.99 .


Thank you!! Will these allow you to set up a guest WiFi SSID as well as the main meshed SSID?