Wyze Router purchase

Hello just scored a wyze 2 pack router for $70 can’t wait to get my new router will work great with my doorbell

Good luck, bro — that price doesn’t seem right.


Hello I checked before buying he has all positive feedback and has multiple images of the product it’s from eBay I seen they were trending around $70 on eBay


I believe this is the EBay posting. Still says 4 available (as of right now).


Decided at that price to give it a try. Multiple listings at that price by the way. They are listed as new.

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Just got my Pro Mesh (2-Pack) yesterday. Working great. WIFI speeds are insane… I can run speedtest.net and get 300+ Mbs (I have 350 Mbs total).

Overall, it seems like the cameras (I have 7) open pretty quick.

I setup 1-WiFi network for all the bands (2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz, 6 Ghz). All the Wyze devices that need the 2.4 Ghz didn’t complain and are working just fine.

I’m pretty happy with it. Not much information in it as routers go besides the basics…(devices connected and their MAC address). Would like some more reporting in it but that’s a small gripe.

There is a Wyze Action to Reboot the Router… so you can setup a shortcut to reboot your routers from the top of the Wyze App if you wanted. Hoping I never have to fuss with them.

So far, so good though.


Wow! That is an amazing price for 2 of these.

I wonder how this guy can afford to sell new ones at this price.

For a WiFi 6 mesh, this is basically unbeatable and hard to pass up if it really turns out real. I’m guessing it is.


It is real he shipped them out today and they are in transit and should be delivered soon :upside_down_face:

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I believe it. Give us a follow-up anyway when you get it and set it up. Tell us what you think.

For the less than the price of two pack I could get four and provide maximum coverage for my house. I certainly don’t need the Pro as my internet connection is slow anyway. I also doubt that the Pro would work any better in my house without getting more of them.

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Yeah, I was using these white ones while I waited for the pros. These work really well and handled my tons of devices great. I think these are excellent for most people. They don’t have nearly as many features and settings and stats as the really expensive Asus Zenwifi mesh I had, but their performance was as good if not better.

The 2 main things that had me wanting to try the pro routers is to have a 6GHz backhaul (and potentially to use with future phones and computers more since I have 1gbps fiber) and hoping for the NAS to save videos to in the future. Otherwise, these white ones worked great. At this price they’re a crazy good value.

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That is great news. Mine is setup and working like a champ. I spent the time going through all devices and naming them. I also setup the DHCP Reservations and Port Forwarding Rules for one of my services I run. I am also using a Wired Backhaul for optimum performance. I also set up my own IP Scheme and DNS Servers to attach to.

75+ Active Devices connected and have not missed a beat. Notifications, Streaming, etc. Seems to just work.

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My ISP only provides 20mb/20mb via fixed wifi, and speed is variable, not fixed so frequently less than that. The 6GHz back haul would be nice, but not sure if it will reach throughout my house. The NAS idea is good, but one of those “wait and see” things. I think the non-pro version should work quite well for me and, if needed, I could buy an additional two pack to expand coverage. At those Ebay prices I could get a lot more.



Yes, I agree with that, especially in your situation.

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Hey Carver, am I correct in understanding that these routers do not support VLANs and only a"main" and a “guest” WiFi (that will both be on the same actual LAN)?

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At least at the moment right now, that is correct, there are no VLANs, just a “Main” SSID and a “Guest” SSID. I have not verified for sure whether or not the Guest SSID uses network isolation or device isolation or whether everything on both SSIDs can communicate with each other, but I have it installed and can verify that Main and Guest Network are currently the only 2 options --no VLANs. (This is the case for both the White routers and the new Pros at the moment).

That’s what I thought. I will stick to what I have…

I got a pair of these on eBay for $64.85

I really would have preferred to get the Pro version, but getting 2 of the nonPro for $65, well, you can’t justify the jump in price to pay retail for the Pro.

I got them almost 3 weeks ago and so far smooth sailing. I set them up using the Wyze App and Wyze didn’t say they are stolen or counterfeit.

I looked on eBay and the cheapest Buy It Now is $61.99

These are sealed brand new and there are quite a few for sale for under $70 for a pair of 2 of them.

Can anybody figure out what’s going on here? I looked for other Wyze products and they tend to cost considerably more on eBay compared to buying directly from Wyze.

There aren’t any Pro Routers for sale at any price.

Do you think someone hijacked a trailer full of these? Or the factory in China is selling them without Wyze’s permission?

Or what???

I got two sets of them. Both unopened, brand new. I doubt they are stolen, just someone got a deal from some source that just wanted to get rid of inventory.