Wyze Router

Since big tech has only left a few options for independent router companies, Wyze could be the next. Add in the extra hardware to work with current and future Wyze products for a killer ecosystem keystone.

It’ll be interesting to see how Wyze rates this in the wishlist category (w/respect to development likelihood.)

I’m not tech/market savvy enough to know if this is obviously a good idea - obviously a bad idea - or obviously something they will choose not to address. :shushing_face:

I’m currently on the hunt for a new wifi/router. My current router is not cutting it anymore with the amount of Wyze devices and tech stuff I have at home. I need to upgrade to a mesh network or better take full advantage of Fios Gigabit. Moreover, with Covid-19, my wife and I have now fully transitioned to work from home, full-time. I’m going to run direct LAN cable to my computer, but I would still need a great wifi for the rest of my place.

I’m currently gravitating towards Nest Wifi or Google Wifi but the pricing is what kills me. My property is over 2200 sq ft so I would need an additional access point in addition to the router itself. Also, not to mention google constantly monitoring your network activity. If I want a higher-grade network, I would buy a top-grade network device(s), then hire a professional to set up a proper home network. That would cost me hundreds of dollars.

Anyways, It’s pretty exciting to see new product line coming out soon such as Wyze Thermostat, Wyze Doorbell, and Wyze Headphones, I thought it what if Wyze develop their own Wifi/Router that could compete for the market. It would be affordable and does all things that these known brands do. Not to say, having a Wyze router + access points would complete the smart home set up — all Wyze products powered by the Wyze Wifi. This would be the ultimate hub to manage all your Wyze devices and, of course, all your internet things. Maybe call it Wyze WiFi Hub or just Wyze WiFi?

I’m curious if this is something people would want. If Wyze develops a WiFi device that’s affordable and does all the features that your current router does + plus a hub to all your Wyze products, will you buy?


The title speaks for itself.

My Google Wifi Mesh, while very good, is rather expensive for what it does. Yes, there are more affordable options out there, but I firmly believe Wyze would be able to come up with an attractive and well-priced system.

Should feature a specific network for IOT devices so that only personal devices may establish connections to the IOT devices but not the other way around.
And Guest network (Kinda obvious)

How about getting in the router and modem business.

I noticed Wyze Cams aren’t very mesh network friendly. It would be very useful if we could have a special router that connects to the mesh network and then converts the signal to 2.4

Currently using Google Wi-Fi and there doesn’t seem to be a way to convert the signal to 2.4

WiFi routers are costly and we need range and cheap and quality WiFi from wyze

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Have you considered adding a dedicated 2.4 GHz WiFi access point for IoT gear, such as this one?:

If you have an old “standard” router around, those aren’t difficult to convert to an access point. Even if it doesn’t offer an AP mode, you simple connect a cable from one of its LAN (not WAN) ports to a port on your current mesh router, turn off DHCP on the old router, and make certain it is set to static IP address that doesn’t conflict. As a bonus, you can use the remaining LAN ports as an Ethernet switch.

I have an old D-Link 2.4-only router set up for a friend’s use this way. The only difference was that it supported being flashed with DD-WRT, which supports access point functionality (which basically turns the WAN port into another LAN port).

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While most companies that don’t want to develop their own firmware from the ground up base their firmware on DD-WRT (open source based on Linux), I wouldn’t mind seeing a Wyze router based on pfSense (open source based on FreeBSD).

Okay so I found you guys like 2 weeks ago and I haven’t stopped buying since.

However, I’m ready to dump the modem\router from the cable company.

What I would really like us for Wyze to come out with a mesh WiFi router system.

I love your products and I know you could come out with a killer system in that $100-125 pricing that would knock everyone’s socks off.

So please tell me that this is coming soon so I don’t waste my money on something else.

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Agreed! I need to ditch this modem-router combo from the cable company and really would like to see wyze offer an affordable solution.

Have you guys tried Google wifi? Or Nest wifi? I absolutely love the mesh wifi systems that they provide, However, I think it would be much better if Wyze made one and offered one at a much lower price. Think about how well all those Wyze cams and other devices would work so much better on a Wyze Mesh Wifi system. Your Wyze fans would go crazy!


I actually use the TPLink Deco Mesh setup. I have the P7, my father-in-law has the P9, and my son the X20. All of which has no issue with the Wyze products. they work extremely well. Walmart actually sells the X20 under a different model for a fraction of the cost. you can get a 2 pack for a little over $100. My Colleague purchased 2 of these packs for less than $300 which gave him 4 mesh points to distribute. He switched from the Google Wifi and indicated he likes these a lot better.

Of course, routers and networks are all subjective and user specific. All I can say is all of the ones I have setup works, without issue, with the Wyze Products.

Hope this helps some.

I would like to request a reliable router to prevent overcrowding. With all the devices already connected in a home, additional Wyze products would cause slowness, buffering, and latency during gaming.

Please create a qualify affordable WiFi Router

Please tell me there’s a mesh network router in the works.

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Adding my support for this. A cheap, well rounded AX wifi router, perhaps with DDWRT support out of the box, would be amazing.

I would love to see WYZE produce a mesh WiFi network similar to google nest, but of course, with WYZE ingenuity and price tag.

No (more) mission critical hardware, please.