Router/HMS combo

I know Wyze does not have the internally owned partnership like Eero and Ring, but seeing their combined Eero router + Ring base station seemed like a fantastic idea to use both systems without having multiple base stations. Any way to consider this idea with a partner company to make Wyze HMS even better?
I would 100% purchase a new base/router if a Wi-Fi 6 Gig router was part of it.

I guess there isnt a big following for this sort of product, sad.

Apparently they have pivoted to weapons accessories.

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Please work on combining HMS hub into the mesh router pro

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Sad panda, thought this topic would gain more traction, seems like a nice thing to get 2 hubs in 1. More functionality, less space.

I suspect that this will happen in the long run. It seems several other companies have started to create a centralized general hub.

The current Wyze Mesh Router Pro seems to have all the necessary radios and such to be capable of doing this right now, but it doesn’t have a speaker, so I am guessing they aren’t going to do it with this current model since it can’t create a siren or audible alerts.

I know the rest of 2023 is being dedicated to cameras, but it’s possible sometime afterward that Wyze could research and consider other things like this.

Yeah I wasn’t expecting anything this year or at all, the idea doesn’t seem to have much traction… Once I saw ring/eero do it I was hooked on the idea and while I currently use eero, i do not use ring (I tried them years ago and was not impressed) and I do use quite a few wyze products at this point. I’d love to bring my router setup into the wyze app, I’m not against wyze mesh pro and still consider moving to it but I would 100% have bought it already if my HMS hub was built into the router.
I want to upgrade to 6E routers but still may stick to eero pro for now since I use their plus service.

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One router or all the ones you have for the mesh system? e.g. 4 routers to cover your home and all with HMS hub? How would that work since Wyze can’t even allow multiple hubs now?

It would dictate one being the main router and then additional satellites would be just that.

Like Ring, they actually sell the alarm system with the “pro” hub being the one with eero router built in and you can treat that hub as a normal part of an eero mesh system

Incidentally, Wyze DOES allow a person to have/use multiple hubs on one account. It’s just that only one of them can use the subscription.

R.Good has had 3 hubs for a while now. The only important thing is that all the sensors he wants to use as “Armed sensors” with the HMS, have to be on the HMS-designated hub. Then he has had other sensors on the other hub(s) that will still continue to work just fine as regular sensors for notifications, automations/rules, etc.

So, even if the same limitations were enforced, they could do exactly as gordonw suggested, just have the root router/hub be the HMS hub, and all the satellites could still add other sensors, etc. even if not on the HMS system. It wouldn’t be much different from the way things are currently.

Personally, I would suggest that Wyze’s next iteration of sensors (V3 sensors) be totally different than the current ones anyway. Wyze should switch to sensors that use THREAD and are fully Matter compatible. Then the sensors could connect through ANY Matter border router or to other thread devices, even if it still uses a dedicated hub for the security stuff (which actually may not even be necessary if they do everything through thread and use the right rules).

You can have multiple hubs, but they don’t work with HMS. That’s the point. If they don’t work with HMS there is no alarm. Also, rather pay $29 for a hub rather than well over $100 for a router.

Everyone has different use cases of course. Personally, only want 1 HMS hub, but at least a 2 pack of mesh router(which is the setup i have now) because my home is not massive. Currently have a HMS hub and my main router near each other and would love for it to be all 1 hub - Less space and for me it would consolidate platforms, eero would be gone because my router would get wrapped up into Wyze where my HMS is. Less hubs, less apps. To add any other controls to that is a plus, making it 1 mega hub for HMS/internet/zigbee/thread/ect …wrapping it all up is a wonderful idea in my head but i wonder how Ring sales have been for their pro setup because that sort of data probably speaks volumes to wyze or any other company thinking about the same type of product line.

Thank you @carverofchoice for getting more eyes on the topic in discord, i hope it starts to see even more votes!

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