Mesh Router Pro Speed SLOW

So I just got my package (2 pack) today (thanks UPS for losing it for a week).
I have a plume setup today. 6 plume pod pros spread around the house.
500mb up and down and I regularly get 450 or so up and down with 5ms latency… SO pretty good.

Immediately when I hooked up the first pro wifi device I got the same speeds, at the device (wifi).
Walk upstairs and the speeds are less than half (yes, through a door, and a couple walls, but duh).
So I decided to hook up the 2nd unit.
To my surprise it was even slower. 1/10th of the speeds (50mb) sitting right next to it.
I can only conclude 1 thing. The wireless backhaul between units is poor.

Unless there is a setting im missing, or maybe some other things I can be pointed to, I think i have to return the devices. I was hoping to continue my long love affair with wyze (i have purchased almost 40 cameras, irrigation, home monitoring, list goes on).

Hoping to salvage this, but its looking bleak. anyone? Thanks

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Go into the satellite router and under the setting of “Wi-Fi Optimization” what does it show? Is it “Optimized” (ie has the 6GHz band as the backhaul)?

Additionally go into the root router, then select the Setting called “Root Router” and it will say what your -dBm is for each satellite. What is showing there? Are you -70dBm or lower?

If not on either of those, maybe reposition your satellite to get a better connection.

Mine are under -70dBm on each satellite and both are “Optimized” with the 6GHz band as the backhaul and I get really good speeds and reception everywhere. I’m easily routinely over 600mbps dl and 800mbps ul in my home office where I usually run the tests from.

See if repositioning or optimizing it helps and try to keep the connection between routers below -70dBm.


-67 on the root router.
and Yes, its optimized.

They are only like 30 ft apart… the connection should be beyond good.
I cant move the Main (root) router. its in a closer where the internet comes in to the house. Not ideal, but doesnt seem to affect the Plume system :frowning:

thank you for the quick response.


Interesting. Just for testing purposes, to see if it has anything to do with your backhaul like you suspected in your original post, do you have an Ethernet cord you could string between the 2 routers as a wired backhaul just to test if that makes a difference?

I can’t think of much else for you to try offhand since you have it optimized with a good -dBm, and it worked fine with your previous router. :thinking: Someone else might have some ideas when it gets to daytime tomorrow.


I have seen this in the past and it had nothing to do with the router.

What device are you testing from?

Here is why I am asking, when the device connects to the router via WiFi, the speed test you run is not accurate for the spped to the WAN/Internet.

Take a look at your device, I have an Android and iOS, this is from the Android Device:

  • Swipe down from the top and tap on internet
  • Tap the gear next to your WiFi Connection
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and look at the transmit and receive Link Speed

Your speed is dependent on these numbers. Newer devices will naturally connect to WiFi 6, but WiFi 6 is still new and has not been fully flushed out, in the sense of distance and hence performance. As you get closer to the router, you will see that those number will change.

Here is what I would try: Use the same device turn off WiFi and use LTE, then after about 10 seconds or so, connect to your WiFi and check out those link speeds and your connection Frequency: 2.4, 5, or 6.

You may see a considerable improvement.

Here are my link speeds:

When I have slow performane, I see numbers less than 1000 and normally connected to 6Ghz frequency. but as I walk around, this number will change.

Here are my speed test via