My Mesh Router, to the Rescue!

My crappy regional/national brand isp, clunked out, on me, again.

This time they stuck to their guns n made me wait 19 days for tech to show up (inssne right).

Mind u we missed any severe weather this winter (no major ice, snow 5" ttl, destructive winds, flooding rains or hail).

Just plain, poor, crappy, ole, monopolistic service & standards. Since it’s always a street line or equipment issue. Located above or below street level. All equipment failures are off my property. This has been going on, for 9 yrs straight.

What was a guy to do ?

I used my unlimited cellphone service, to bridge the gap. With the help of my, trusty “Wyze Mesh Router”, (regular not Pro).

The regular wyze mesh router worked so well.
I will have to investigate it vs the wyze pro model.

I have been waiting (2yrs n courting) for that cellphone service provider. To come through, with their offer. For their long awaited “Home Internet” in my section of the “City”.

It’s a excess bandwidth determination, as to where n who gets it. In my area, my guess is. There might not be any excess bandwidth worth selling, at a discounted plan(s).

We shall see.

I just thought,
I’d praise a Wyze product, for a change.

Begging for help, brainstorming or venting my frustration(s).

Thx Wyze !

“Kirk Out !”


This is a great report, thanks for Sharing.

I can tell you the Wyze Routers Standard vs Pro are very similar. The Pro has more memory, cover a larger space, allow for more IoT devices, and has a USB Port which is not active yet, but is said to be active in the future.

Here is a Video, if you have not seen it. Around 5:50 he mentions the USB adapter:

How We Made Wyze Mesh Router - YouTube



Nice Vid .

Now that usb slot, might answer my question -

Is that Usb Slot & Pro Nesh router, going to act like a NVR port ?


Yea, don’t have any new information except that Video. I am waiting for it as well.

I had the Wyze Mesh Standard and have switched to the Pro’s. No Regret in doing that.

Gave the Standard ones to my Son. :slight_smile:

I am hoping that the Wyze WEB View will leverage the USB Storage as an NVR so we can stream from that device as we can with the Cloud Recorded Events


I just learned about “NVR” today and I like it.

If Wyze, activates that usb port on the Mesh Pro., for that.
Then I’m, in !

Especially after this app vs phone debacle.

Grabbing ur phone after every, chirp, tone n jingle @ home, can be a pain.

Having storage n a monitor access. That would make life, a whole lot easier.

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