Mesh Router Pro Recording Cams

Will the mesh router pro record my cameras? I read early on Wyze said they would. Now that they’re out nothing has been said about it. Maybe in the future? I would like to store my videos locally.
Thanks, Bob

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The mesh router is a router and Access Point. That has nothing to do with data storage.

The USB Port on the Mesh Pro, will be able to utilize an Storage Device to store camera footage on. However, it has not been released yet, but hopefully will be in the near future.


This is referenced in the YouTube Video for the Mesh Router Pro by Wyze at about 5:50 minutes in:

How We Made Wyze Mesh Router - YouTube


This is the entire reason I went with the Wyze mesh pro, hopefully they don’t leave me hanging long…

@UserCustomerGwen This is a feature a lot of folks have been eager for, especially those that have 10+ cameras and don’t want to deal with SD cards. This would also go a long way in getting more people to embrace the Wyze ecosystem. I have an existing mesh system and a have been waiting to upgrade to the Wyze Mesh Pro for this feature alone. Are there any updates on when this feature is planned or rough timeline on when it’s expected to land?

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I’ve been waiting 5 months :smiley: if this is a planned thing, i hope it’s not scuttled.

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I am curious about this as well. Do we have any info on the storage options?

I think a lot of people purchased the pro version to have this USB feature. I hope it happens.

Have y’all gone to the two Wishlist topics where this feature has been requested and entered your vote, liked :heart: some posts, and replied to support the request and keep it alive?

That is where Wyze is most likely to see it.