Mesh Router - Signal Strength Between Nodes

I just setup a four node system with the Wyze Mesh Routers and am trying to determine how well the nodes communicate with each other. I haven’t really found any useful information in the app for them. Is there a “hidden” app feature that allows testing of the back haul link or provides some information on how well the link is working? I know the app does some testing when you first add a router to the configuration but I didn’t have mine in the actual location for use when I set them up. Had them fairly close together to make sure setup completed without problems.


It will show you the RSSI of the nodes if you select the Root Router from the list of routers in the app and then select Root Router.

So looking at the screenshot you posted is -71dBm considered a good connection? Because looking on the internet, that would indicate a barely usable speed. What’s considered good for the Wyze routers?

This is what I see for mine:

No. -71 is about as bad as it gets, although two of yours beats mine. But it is also about as far away as it can get also. I just haven’t had the gumption to reposition it yet. It also has multiple walls to go thru, is optimized, and only backhauls by 5GHz… But that’s on me until I can find the time to put it someplace better in the Garage. What’s funny though is it hasn’t dropped a device yet and nothing goes offline. It’s operating much better than the mesh network extender I had out there.