Manual WyzeCam Pan firmware update not doing anything

I’m trying to setup RTSP on my 2 Wyze Cams and I’ve flashed the firmware on my V2 without issue but the same process with the appropriate demo.bin in place does nothing on my Pan. I have the correct demo.bin for the Pan on the same 32GB microSD I used for the V2 (deleted the V2 demo.bin first), power on the camera while holding the setup button, light turns blue after ~5 seconds, release button, then wait. Camera is on and accessible in the app in less than a minute and the firmware hasn’t changed. The process is supposedly the same for the Pan and V2 so I feel pretty confident that I’m doing it right, it’s just not working. I thought perhaps it was something with the RTSP firmware so I downloaded an older version of the regular firmware to try and it wouldn’t update either.

Really frustrating that such a seemingly simple process, isn’t.

I’ve also tried to flash the firmware of my cam pan using an 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB microSD as well as trying multiple different firmware for webcam, rtsp, and firmware downgrade none of which resulted in a firmware change. The manual firmware instructions work right up until the point where the light turns the mixed blue.

I spent some time with customer support and we walked through all of the steps of the firmware upgrade and permutations of card size, type, and firmware and confirmed that the process, media, and firmware aren’t the problem. I was told by the support representative that the developers are going to work on a solution but I haven’t heard anything yet.

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I’ve personally run into problems and the fix was using a 32 gig card (bigger didnt work) and my big oopsy was renaming the demo.bin to demo.bin.bin which took for ever to realize it was wrong. On my desktop it hid the real extension so even though I saw “demo.bin”, in file properties it was actually “demo bin.bin”. I’ve had luck making a few webcams and a rtsp camera.

I wish you can get it working somehow!

I’ve run into the same issue with three Pan Cams not accepting a manual flash. I was able to successfully get a fourth to flash. The different I found between them is that the one that did accept the flash appeared to be an older production unit (new, but old box, earlier serial). I also found that, encoded in the QR code in the back, the unit that accepted the flash has code D00A000 in it, versus the three units that did not accept the flash has the code F00A000 encoded in the QR code. (Can you scan your QR code of your unit, and see what the middle string is between the pipes, |'s )

A hardware revision has not been confirmed by Wyze, so this is just my theory right now.

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I can confirm that both of my Cam Pan’s both have a QR Code string of F00A0000.

When preparing the SD cards for the manual flash of the Cam Pan’s my method included using the instructions for Linux, OSX, and Windows. I would setup the Cam Pan’s to format the SD card so that I knew that they could be read. In Linux and OSX I would use the terminal to transfer the firmware file to the SD card after renaming it to ‘demo.bin’ as provided in the instructions. In Windows I simply drag and dropped the file which the instructions provided was optimal.

I can confirm, both of mine that do not accept the flash have the F00A000 string too. For what it’s worth, I originally tried with a 128GB card but it failed on flashing my V2 in addition to the Pan. Neither would show the light blue led. After purchasing a 32GB card, I was able to flash the V2 on the first attempt and though the Pan presents the light blue led, it doesn’t accept the flash. Also, I have the setting enabled to show all file extensions so I know it’s named demo.bin. No extra .bin extension.

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Bump - same problems

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I have no solution but wanted to add my experience:

I have a Pan camera and recently the camera has not been recording to local storage. Wyze support told me to flash to, which I wasn’t able to do despite following the online instructions. The light simply never turned blue after holding down the “setup” button and plugging in the USB cable.

I tried with another sd card (32GB) and it worked and successfully flashed to, which was encouraging. When I opened the app in iOS, the app kept notifying me to upgrade my firmware immediately due to security and bug enhancements. There was no way to suppress this notification so I upgraded back to the newest firmware with the plan to downgrade to the most recent version of firmware that would support local recording. (I don’t know if firmware is the reason I can’t record to SD card, but I’ve had the camera for nearly a year and this issue has only been around a month, so I thought I’d try it).

Now, I cannot perform the manual firmware flash steps – even back to – using the same card that I used before.

I can confirm what tuxinboots discovered. I have two older Cam Pans with D000 in QR code that had no issue flashing firmware from the SD card. I’ve recently purchased three Cam Pans with F000 in the QR code and none of them will flash firmware from the SD card. Two were direct from Wyze and the third from Amazon. So it is almost certainly an issue with newer vintage Cam Pans. I’m a little surprised that Wyze support hasn’t acknowledged this yet.

I flashed two Cam v2 with RTSP FW successfully with the known procedure of setup button, power up, wait for blue light, wait for flash … etc.
When I load RTPS FW from for the V3, unpacked, renamed to demo.bin, formatted 32GB SSD with FAT32, saved file demo.bin in the root folder, then do a camera power on it never shows blue light when holding down the setup button. Instead, it goes into red light as a normal setup.
I opened a ticket today and am waiting for a response.
I know that the current version is higher than the demo version with RTSP. Could be a problem preventing the bootloader to start the flash upgrade?

@change_user_name I think you need to name the firmware file differently for a V3 camera, they may have updated the instructions recently to include that.

I’m seeing the issue on a V2 camera of the firmware update not doing anything. Using a Sandisk Class 10 32GB microSD formatted in the camera, then copied the v2 RTSP firmware file to the root using the terminal on a linux computer as demo.bin. Powering on the camera with the microSD in and setup button pressed results in “ready to connect.”

The second part of the QR code string on my camera is Y00A0030.

I realize that this thread is now 2 years old, but I am curious if anyone has found a solution. All of my Cam Pans (v1) have F000 in the QR code, and I have never been able to update any of them manually. Some of them have buggy beta firmware that I’d like to flash back to the latest released version.

Seems obvious to me by now that Wyze has no intention of fixing this issue.

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