Unable to upgrade to the RTSP firmware

I have a v2 and Pan camera, and I have tried to upgrade both to the RTSP firmware. I have followed the instructions (downloaded the firmware, renamed too demo.bin, copied to the rood of the SD card, held down the setup button while plugging in power). The problem is that neither camera will boot off of the SD card. The status light never goes blue/blueish. I have tried numerous times with both cameras and have not been able to get either yo load the new RTSP firmware.

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First - what’s the specs on the SD card? Does it work well with the cams otherwise?.
Second - did you double check it’s demo.bin? Windows sometimes adds and you get demo.bin.bin
Did you follow this:


I have been using the SD cards in the cameras, to store video, for about 6 months now, and have not had any issues. They are 64GB cards that were formatted with the recommended tools from the SD Association (SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association). As far as the firmware files go, I am using a Mac to rename and copy the files. As far as I can tell, they are definitely named demo.bin.

Can you try with a 32GB or smaller card? 64GB is out of spec.

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Hi Loki that fixed my v2 (I put a 16GB card in it), but with the exact same model of 16GB card and the Pan RTSP image, my Pan never boots. The LED turned blue and appeared to load the new code, but after rebooting, it only flashes orange/yellow. Several reboots did not help. The Wyze app shows it as being off line.

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Have you tried restoring it to the regular firmware? It could be that the camera is kaput in general.

I will give that a try tonight when I get home.

I had a lot of trouble trying to get the firmware to successfully flash too. I tried several formats/SD cards/etc. and nothing was working. But then I decided to use the AC wall adapter for power instead of using the USB cable from my computer. After that, I was able to flash the firmware no problem.

Thanks for the tip, I will give that a shot when I get home!

I agree with Loki. I have been using 64gb drives for a while with no problems but when I tried installing the RTSP beta I could not get it to install. I installed it successfully from a 16gb drive. Once installed I re installed the 64gb’s and all is well.

It’s a no-go on upgrading with an AC wall adapter. Trying to go back to the regular firmware.

I cannot back down the firmware either. I tried several different versions of the “normal” firmware, but same results: fast flashing yellow light. Looks like this camera is fubar. Anyone know what the warranty is on them? It is less than a year old.



Persistence pays off! Before trashing the camera thinking it was bad, I tried one more time and this time it worked! I am happy to report that the new rtsp firmware works great with Synology’s Surveillance Station!


So now that I have RTSP working, is pan and tilt supported through RTSP? I vaguely remember reading that it is not. If not, it would be great if it could be added at a future date!

Nope needs the onvif protocol.

Vote here:

How did you figure it out? I am facing the same issue? The one thing I noticed is the steps say to “unzip” the download but the download isn’t a zip file. I am directly downloading the .bin file. I am renaming the file as well.

After following the steps, I get the blue / orange light I release setup and it reboots (I think). When it comes back up it is just flashing the orange light.

I just went through this when I tried to upgrade to the latest RTSP FW.
Used Possible solution for bricked cameras worked.


I solved this problem by formatting my 128 GB microSD card as FAT32 (not exFAT) with the third party tool “fat32format” by RidgeCrop Consultants. Worked great, saved me from buying a smaller card just to change my Wyze v2 firmware :slight_smile: