Wyze cam pan not loading RTSP firmware

Howzit, I have a Wyze cam Pan and I’m trying to load the RTSP firmware on in to use with Home Assistant.

I donwloaded the firmware from the Wyze website, extract, rename to demo.bin, load on memory card, hold down the button and insert power…

The light never goes blue, I’s just factory resets the camera, any ideas?

Wazzup! There are a bunch of other posts on this topic in the forums, but quickly, what size card are you trying to use? I’ve seen and or heard only 32s or 16s work. Also double check that you don’t have demo.bin.bin labeled, the last extension may be hidden.

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Thanks, Using 64 gig, will try a smaller one.

Smaller card solved problem,. thank you.

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Glad you got it working!