Unable to flash RTSP firmware to Wyze Cam Pan

I have 4 Cam Pan’s that I have successfully flashed to the official RTSP firmware for use with HOOBS. All of that is working properly. I needed a new camera to cover my kitchen so I ordered another Cam Pan. I have tried everything I can think of to flash the RTSP firmware to this camera but nothing is working (different SD cards, sd card sizes, different power cables, preparing the SD with different computers, used the official SD group formatting app, formatted the SD card in the camera, updated to latest firmware through the app, completely reset the camera, you name it.) The light turns blue, I let the setup button go, the light turns yellow, starts blinking blue and yellow and reboots. After reboot the light blinks blue quickly before going to a solid blue.

I contacted Wyze support and they even had me try flashing an older firmware and that didn’t work either so they sent me a brand new camera. That camera arrived today and I’m having the same problem. It will not flash the RTSP firmware. I know I’m doing it right because I managed to flash the 4 cameras I already had.

Has anyone had this happen and were you able to finally get it to work? I’d love to get this sorted out. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!