Reverting my webcam back to a Wyze Cam issues

I tried using my Wyze Cam v2 to be a webcam, and did not worked. So gave up on that idea, and attempted to revert it back to being the original Wyze cam. I followed the instructions to the T, and all I get is a flashing blue light. I also tried resetting it to Factory Settings, and same flashing blue light. I left it plugged in for an hour, nothing has changed. Did I just bricked the cam? Please help.

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I just ran into the same issue. I tried using an older firmware version ( and it successfully has reset to factory settings. Try using an older firmware, and following the instructions again and let us know how it goes!

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Ha! that did the trick! Thanks scramboz!

Having the same problem. How do I install the older firmware?

Take a look at this article. This requires a freshly formatted Micro-SD card. Follow the instructions to the T and it’s pretty simple.

Did that. These are the same instructions to make your camera into a webcam. Mine is still flashing blue yellow light and working as a webcam just like camera.the original poster.

Sorry. Misunderstood. That is where to get the older firmware. Thanks.

On step one it provides the link to where you can get the older firmware versions. For some reason the latest version didn’t work for me, but I went back to an older version, successfully flashed the firmware to the camera, and then updated the camera in the app once everything was connected. :slight_smile:

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It worked! Thanks.

Having the exact same issue with the Pan. Have tried multiple older firmware’s as well as multiple SD cards. Still flashing blue vs. solid. Please help. Edit: Have tried this on both Mac & PC as well.

Welcome to the forums! What size SD cards are you using? I have only seen 32 or 16 gig cards work. Did you rename the demo.bin file?

Yes on the rename. 32 gig cards. The same card I used to flash it to be a webcam and use in all my other Wyze cams.

Just tried with a 16 gig card, different manufacturer. Same issue.

Did you make sure to rename the .bin File demo.bin?

That was my mistake.

Yes. Renamed zip to .bin

Ok to make sure we are on the same page did you:

  1. take zip file and unzipped it on to the root file of the sd card then renamed the .bin file from the unzipped document demo.bin? The lastest Firm file for the V2 the *.bin file is set to “demo_xiao_4.9.5.111.bin” it needs to be renamed to “demo.bin”


  1. did you just drop the Zipfile on to the Sd Card?

If you did option 1 than something else is wrong if you did option 2 try option 1.

tried a 3rd SD card and it worked this time. Apologies for wasting folks time and appreciate the help!


that worked for me too! pity that neither the webcam file nor the recent file worked fo rme.

I am having the same issue as others have reported here. The V2 camera is just blinking blue ever since one of the firmware upgrades went bad a few months back. Now I am trying down download the version that someone reported as having worked for them ( however, there is not an associated link when attempting to select that version. Not like many of the other versions have. This is what I see: (February 27, 2019)

  • Fixed an issue leading to poor network connections causing device reboots
  • Fixed an issue that may cause time lapse video download errors to occur
  • Security updates

Is this the correct version to download and install to revive my V2? Please advise.

Thanks in advance,

ps: I should also mention that I attempted to flash the very latest update from 9-8-21 with no success.

I will reply to my own post. Success!! All I did was remove the micro SD and the latest version of V2 firmware began revived the wyzecam. I heard ‘Ready to Connect’ and then I was able to proceed with setup. Camera is now working as expected.