Wyze cam into a webcam

I’m trying to follow the instructions here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041605111-Webcam-Firmware-Instructions to turn my Wyze Cam v2 into a webcam and I can’t seem to get the firmware to update. Specifically I never get the status light to “solid blue” - it’s yellow for a bit, flashes blue and then off. I’ve tried holding setup for a variety of times before powering up and none of them seem to trigger the camera to flash the firmware that’s on the memory card. The camera was updated to the latest Wyze firmware beforehand, just in case that mattered

Anyone else been successful with this? Any tricks on formatting/etc the memory card?

I’ve it done with a V2 cam and a Pan cam. Take’s some patience. If I remember the instructions are
wrong/incomplete about the sequence of LED colors. Once it goes from yellow to blue it’s flashing. After it’s complete there is NO indication that’s it’s finished. It looks normal-ish but the wzye app can’t find it (good) and with the right cable the computer can see a webcam.

Thanks for the reply - I ended up sorting it out - while the camera can read and store data on a 64 GB memory card, it can’t handle it for booting/flashing the firmware. I swapped in a 16 GB and it worked like a champ. Now I’ve got it hooked up to my laptop and I’m good to go :slight_smile:

I’ve only seen 16 gig and 32 gig cards work for firmware flashing. I’ve used a 32gig myself, and had another user on here say a 16 worked for them.

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