Wyze as webcam just doesn't work any more

This process is now broken. Please note I was able to do this successfully about a month ago. Also note: I’m working with the same 2 PCs, the same SD cards, the same USB a to a cable that I previously did this and got the desired result. Now it blinks the right lights like it did the update, but windows never sees the webcam. Note that I can flash back to the regular firmware with success.

I’m very not happy about this. Having previously proved the concept, I was counting on it and now I’ve got exactly squat. I’m a longtime IT professional and I know the game so I’d prefer no answer to a runaround non answer. Day 1 of troubleshooting: the first thing you ask yourself is “WHAT CHANGED?” I did this before and am following the exact same process now: I HAVEN’T CHANGED. I’ve seen this forum littered with people being run around to no end on this issue and I’ve already had a bunch of time exhausted for no reason and to make no progress. And I no longer have this option for the solution I was planning to use it with. This is a huge disappointment.

I just came here to find some information i was planning on flashing a V2.
i started here:

But was curious to see if anything was new so searched here before i began, this post is what came up.
Any change? still failing?

just found this: