Webcam reversal to stock firmware. Pan Cam just stays in webcam mode

Used Pan Cam for awhile works great. Now I want to switch it back. This is what I have tried: Its a Pan Cam V2. I downloaded the latest V2 firmware Changed the name to demo.bin after I unzipped it to a 32 gig memory card, Unplugged camera put in the chip with the one file in the root directory. Held down the setup button plugged the power using the USB A cord. Camera flashed orange fir 8 seconds let go of setup button and it went to flashing yellow and blue forever. Tried the usb for power and the Micro USB for powering up got the same results. The camera still works as a webcam. Will not revert. even with this problem I still love all of my other WYZE Cams.

Pan Cam and V2 are not the same firmware. Download the Pan camera firmware.

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Scroll down to Wyze Cam Pan firmware.

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Like @K6CCC stated, verify your using the correct firmware. You mentioned the correct current production firmware for the PanCam, but called it the v2. For term usage sake, there currently is no “v2 pan”, yet there is a “v2”, but that’s not the PanCam.

I would triple check that your PanCam production firmware demo.bin file doesn’t have any hidden extensions making it demo.bin.bin. IS Pan Cam firmware

I used for the firmware Is what I used.

What OS did you use to extract the demo.bin file? If Windows, did you do as @Omgitstony suggested and verify that you didn’t have extra characters in the file name such as demo.bin.bin? Also, have you tried a different SD card, just in case the one you have maybe bad. Was the card you used formatted as FAT32?

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