Lots of Power Bricks - What's The Difference?

I have around 20 Wyze cameras currently active and a few more that I have not deployed along with some light strips, HMS, the Outdoor Cam Base Station, etc… :nerd_face:

For a long time I have just ignored which power adapter/brick I am using when I connect a Wyze device. I just grab one from the drawer. But today when I received the new Cam OG the adapter looked a bit different so I compared the tech specs printer near the prongs…

Does it matter? How do we know what brick is needed by which device? Where can we find the information to match up the correct power to the device?
If we can use ANY of the Wyze chargers then great! But if not, how would we know? :thinking:

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Good question! :slight_smile:

Typically a normal Wyze cam needs a 1A Power Adapter. A Wyze cam with a motor like the Pan requires a 2A adapter. Last I knew the OG cameras had a 1.5A adapter to run 2 if you got the splitter kit, but since I haven’t seen one yet I don’t know for sure. If no splitter kit, then you need two 1A Power Adapters.

So it is mostly 1A for a standard camera, and 2A for a motorized camera. If you use a splitter then it can increase.

I’ve taken to writing how many amps on mine so I can know at a glance (instead of that almost invisible super-fine print). :wink:

The store has specs to guide you if necessary.


Here is some great related info on this thread.


You had a very long cable, which reduced voltage. I also recently started a thread on that situation: