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I can’t find it anywhere. Is there a list of what spec power supply goes with which camera. I keep seeing Wyze say “if you’re having troubles with your cameras make sure they are using the right power supply”. Well I have 12 of them and I don’t know which plugs to which. TIA

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If you look on the product page of each camera in the “Tech Specs” you will find the power requirements

For example this is from the V3

Hope this helps.


For the most part, the Pan cameras take a 2A supply and the rest take 1A supplies. Unfortunately, the 1A and 2A wall warts look the same and it takes either good eyes or a magnifying glass the read the label. I am putting a P-Touch label on mine as I happen to touch each supply.


As R.good mentioned, it’s on the product pages. That said, If power supplies need to be replaced or purchased, my rule of thumb is never hurts to go bigger. These days, USB power supplies are so cheap and it won’t hurt to use a 2000ma supply in place of a 1000ma. I don’t think any Wyze cameras require more than 2000ma so it’s safe to use that as a universal Wyze replacement for all the cameras.

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Cam Pans and V3Pro = 2 Amp 5V

All others = 1 Amp 5V

Exception: Dual OG Cams on Splitter supplied with Stack Kit = 1.5 Amp 5V

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