Latest Firmware update for V3 causes major video stutter

Does anyone have a copy of the Wyze Cam V3 firmware? It’s been removed from Wyze’s site (

It’s been so long that I have no faith in Wyze fixing the issue at this point. I’d like to just downgrade my devices’ firmware.

Update: found it.

Update 2: Important:
I just came across another thread, where someone identified that the stuttering is fixed, if you re-enable the “Record Sound” option under the advanced options of each camera device. I can confirm this works to fix the stuttering. Mind you, this only impacts newly recorded events, and not existing events. This is great news, as it will hopefully allow the developers to identify the root cause, and finally fix this issue. — I’ll still be downgrading in the meantime though.


At least they now know what causes the problem, thanks to a customer!
Enabling “Record Sound” fixes the stuttering on the V3 Pro and V3 camera event playback, but in some states it is illegal to record conversations without consent. Hopefully they can fix this with an APP update and not a firmware. I have updated so many devices lately, that I sweat every reboot now!

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I have to add that I have my V3s indoors (where the power plugs are) facing outdoors, so I have ZERO desire to turn on “record sound” to fix the video stutter.

I’d rather stay on solid 9.139 than go with the current broken firmware, much less the cr*p shoot of what they will break with the next firmware release. I mean just look at the thread for the latest release.

And I feel really sorry for those that have V3 Pros! They can’t even connect their cams to wifi anymore after the last firmware update.


I think I have a similar issue with two V3 cams. The event videos appear to be stuttering because they’re actually playing at like half speed. For example, a 22 second event will take 40+ seconds to play. If I play the clips at 2x they take about 20 seconds but they’re still “halting” or the play isn’t smooth. All clips are like this. I don’t know if it’s the firmware or the android app.

One V3 cam has firmware, the other V3 cam has firmware My phone is a Motorola g play with Android 11 fully updated and Wyze app 2.46.0 (368). I’ve been through several app updates and I forget exactly when I noticed the stuttering but it’s been there a while. ‘Enable Hardware Decoder’ makes no difference.

Here are a couple of updated threads that discuss the same issue. We know when the issue started thanks to the OP in this thread.

Others have determined the advanced setting within a cameras configuration that will cause the stuttering.


I can’t believe WYZE has dinked around with this stuttering issue for over a year. And on a premium “paid” service.


Yup, far from cool…but definitely PAR for the WYZE course. The thing is so many of us are fully vested in WYZE. I have put too many hours to count troubleshooting their products, let alone the money spent. Have they ever offered to throw me a bone…not once.

I’ve been waiting over 2.5 years for WYZE to enable functionality that they supposedly released (according to their own release notes) in V2 cameras. Just another awesome example of PAR for the WYZE course.

I could create a rather lengthy list of observations on how WYZE handles issues, but what is the point?

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