Known Person Detection (Facial Recognition)

Anyone else have an interest in the camera being able to identify people you tag as safe? I’m not sure the tech is foolproof but it would be great to be able to tag myself and family members to reduce alerts and maybe use IFTTT to auto unlock my door with the Wyze Doorbell camera (hopefully coming within the next year or so) when it recognizes I am at the door.

You said it yourself, the tech isn’t foolproof, so unlocking things automatically would be really unsafe.

That said, they don’t have the processing power in these things to process that kind of data on board, they would need to send the data to a AWS compute instance, and process things there, which means, that adds more $$$ to the price.


Personally, a feature I would never use. Way too easy to fool.


What’s the status on this?

I don’t necessarily need to mark someone as safe, but I’d like person detection in addition to the motion detection.

Person detection would require server time because the AI computation would have to be done off-camera. How much per month per camera would you be willing to pay for this feature?

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Great question!

I’d like to see them match Arlo.

So, $2.99/month per camera, $9.99/month for up to ten cameras, or $14.99/month for up to twenty cameras


Those prices seem pretty fair to me. Happy to see this feature is in development. To the Wyze team: You guys are awesome with you involvement in the community so thank you.


How about just human face detection? So we can filter out all the times the neighborhood cats wander by and only get alerts when a human approaches.


$0 because it’s already available on Yi Cameras, but I’m talking about the dumb version of person detection, more like “body detection” ie: knowing when a plant is blowing or car is driving by vs. actually knowing someone’s face.

The person detection in my case, would just be something to deter false motion detection, as mentioned, from plants blowing, cars driving by etc. It’ll only push alert me when it detects an actual person/animal.

I don’t use my Yi cameras anymore because Wyze won me over with everything it has (and especially Alexa integration), but I do miss the fact that my Yi camera would only notify me when it’s a real person at my door vs. not.

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I don’t care about distinguishing people, but the cams do seem to have hard time recognizing a person moving at times. It may be dark clothing is the issue, as that seems to be the ones missed on outside facing camera. Facial recognition would be nice, but at least human body shape would help.

You mean facial detection?

I updated the topic title to make this more clear.

Why stop at people? Might as well have animals detection and object detection.

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I would like to have basic people detection offered for free. Meaning the camera can distinguish between moving shadows/leaves/branches/rain/snow/other useless stuff and people. Basic animal recognition versus people would also be a welcome addition if its possible. I have a Foscam R2 that can detect human movement and this feature comes from the camera itself; there is NO external server sending data back and forth for that particular purpose, just slightly more expensive camera hardware that I am happy to pay an increased one time cost for. The absence of this feature on Wyze Cam is the only reason why I have not completely replaced all of my cameras with Wyze; because there are way too many false alerts on my Wyze Cam even when the sensitivity is set as low as possible and the detection zone is minimized as much as possible. I would gladly pay more for a Wyze Cam device (upfront cost) if it had a robust form of free basic people detection WITHOUT ongoing fees.

However, if you want to start doing more sophisticated things (beyond basic people detection) such as tagging specific people as safe then yes I can understand Wyze Cam having to charge more for that in whatever form they choose, especially if it requires the use of an external server.


It still said “Known Person Detection” instead of “Facial recognition” maybe you should add “object recognition” too

I’ve used this feature on other platforms (Arlo & Nest, although it sounds like it’s coming to my ring cameras as well) and it was way more helpful than I originally thought - really cuts down on false alerts and “stranger detection” (potentially with a screenshot in the notification) is really nice for knowing when I need to pay particular attention to an alert. I understand that it’s likely not something that could happen on device at this price-point, but if it could be a feature that’s included either as a subscription, or (even better) integrated into the the Max Drive that was shown at CES that’d be really awesome.

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I have this on my nest as well obviously. And I really like it. I would love to have something like that on a outdoor wyze cam.

@AdamPflug thats a good one…“Stranger Detection”, that would definitely get my attention on an alert as well. Higher end features like this are very desirable, no doubt, but I think Wyze needs to take some baby steps in getting there first. However, I cannot wait until they do get there. :slight_smile:

If camera hardware isn’t sufficient enough to accomplish, integrated into the the Max Drive would be a good selling point for adding a Max drive.

“Add the Max Drive and get object, people, face specific notifications!” … sign me up!

I just want you guys to keep ahead of the competition in all facets of operation. I always want to be able to listen to some numb-nut talk about how fantastic his Nest or Arlo camera is and all the features, and then make him feel stupid for paying so much!! Come on guys, don’t take that away from us.