Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

This may be a little complex, but I’d love to be able to create and delete a shortcut via ifttt. Specifically, I’m trying to use apilio to have an “away” and “home” mode, so that when i’m away and the door is opened, the lights come on, but when I’m home and it’s opened they don’t. I have it working, but it’s pretty slow relative to the native shortcuts due to the extra few web requests that have to be made. So it’d be cool to have a trigger that creates a shortcut when I set the mode to “away” that turns the lights on when the door is opened. Ideally there would be some kind of way to uniquely identify the shortcut so I can also set a trigger to delete it when the mode is set to “home” again.

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I would like to see “Run Shortcut” as an available action.


There’s actually a stand-alone topic for that because it would accomplish so many of the other requests of this thread. You can find it here:

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I would like to be able to use the new Person Detection as a trigger for IFTTT, not the current Motion Detection.

Is this in the current plans?

Thanks for a great product!


I would like to add to the potential triggers if I can:

Trigger: When a specific face is detected, or unknown face detected


Since Wyze doesn’t do facial recognition, there’s really no point in adding it to the IFTTT feature list yet. However, you can vote for Wyze to implement facial recognition here:

If devices are in a group, can IFTTT activate an entire group?

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Not at this time.

It would be super helpful if it could activate groups. Since I wanted a physical button I used one of my SmartThings buttons and wrote a WebCore Piston to active a virtual switch and then IFTTT activates three of my bulbs via individual Applets when the virtual switch is on/off. It is extremely slow at 6-10 seconds but functional. It would be nice to have them in the group so I only have to trigger one Applet.

In the absence of a hub integration, I use IFTTT to turn cameras ON/OFF based on the mode of the hub. I have also created a couple virtual switches to turn the cameras on and off via the dashboard. I was a bit surprised when I couldn’t do the same in reverse. I wanted the camera’s ON/OFF action to trigger an event to change the switch on or off if it was changed outside of the hub eg via the Wyze app. I would like to see the camera being switch on/off a trigger event in the IFTTT integration.

So if I use the “Motion is Detected” trigger to execute an action such as turn on my Wyze Bulb (or increase brightness or change color temperature), how could I turn the light off when motion is no longer detected?

I see a suggestion for a “Motion no longer detected” trigger, but maybe a Wyze Bulb action that has a timeout, such as “Turn on bulb for X minutes” or “Change color temperature for X minutes” or “Change brightness for X minutes” would be a valid suggestion?

I have actions to turn on the bulb at sunset, then dim to 50% at midnight but would like it to light up 100% if motion/person is detected - and then go back to it’s previous state.

Please check out these related #wishlist topics:

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Though I would love it if Wyze could have features to support this sort of thing directly, I have found a general solution to this problem through IFTTT + Apilio. Apilio ( is a little hard to describe, I use it as a logic as a service tool. You use Apilio to setup logic blocks, which can include delays, just like the one you just described. For example, I have one logic block that says “when I come home, turn on the light between my garage and my house” and another that says “a half hour after I come home, turn off the light.” An odd thing about Apilio is that you have to do all the sensor/device integration through IFTTT.

In theory, you could first setup Wyze triggers through IFTTT to forward motion detections to Apilio as well as IFTTT blocks to forward Apilio messages to turn off specific lights in your Wyze. Then you would use this sort of logic block to say “when the Wyze sensor triggers, turn on the light” and “a 5 minutes after the wyze sensor triggers turn off the light.” I believe you could add additional logic to keep pushing back the “5 minutes” for as long as the motion sensor was triggering.

The in theory part is that Wyze has a really weak interface WRT sending motion sensor events to IFTTT. You can forward all motion sensor events or not. You just can’t “turn them on or off” on demand. Once hooked up, there’s nothing within the Wyze app to stop sending the motion events. And when it comes to motion sensors, the Wyze sensor sends a lot of events. So if, for example, you only wanted this light motion behavior to happen during the day or when you were not home, you would have to filter out the unwanted events purely in IFTTT and Apilio. Not by clicking the “I’m home” button in the Wyze app. And establishing the switch for turning the behavior on and off and the logic for handling the switch might be complicated.

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I use Wyze cams to turn on lights. The new AI feature than can detect motion triggered by a person really cuts down on the notifications but I would love to have an ifttt app that can trigger when a person is detected. At the moment any motion detection triggers my lights to go on via ifttt so I’m still getting my lights turned on too often to be truly useful


Has anyone discussed adding grouped products such as wyze bulbs to the IFTTT actions.

Example : wyze sensor triggers and 4 Wyze bulbs turn on.

I have 4 bulbs that light my stair case.

Thanks for your help .

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I don’t know if it’s been discussed, but I have added the ability to apply applicable actions to grouped devices to the request list at the top of this topic.

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Checkout You can do it with that already.

Any way to do this currently with the existing system?

Can you show us an example? I do not see an option to use either an existing bulb group or even a way to turn on multiple bulbs per action. When you set the first action to turn on a bulb and you add another action it no longer gives the option to turn on a bulb just off.

I believe it has a trigger for all lights or a single light right now… no group triggers yet.